Following the release of his well-received novel Our Lady of the Inferno (now available from Encyclopocalypse Publications), author Preston Fassel is taking readers back in time to further explore the seedy side of Times Square with his latest novel Beasts of 42nd Street, now available from Cemetery Dance Publications, and we've been provided with an exclusive excerpt to share with Daily Dead readers!

You can read our exclusive excerpt from Beasts of 42nd Street by clicking the cover art below, and we also have a look at "wanted poster" artwork that Fassel created for main character Andy Lew to give cover artist Justin T. Coons an idea of what the murderous projectionist looks like.

From the award-winning author of Our Lady of the Inferno comes another tale of New York in the Bad Old Days: A saga of murder, bloodshed, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Times Square at the height of its decadence and depravity.

In the kingdom of the damned that is 42nd Street, there’s no lowlier subject than Andy Lew. An unrepentant junkie, voyeur, and degenerate, he’s only tolerated by the more dangerous men around him because he keeps the projectors at the Colossus theater running on time, entertaining them with the most extreme horror cinema money can buy.

There’s something unique about Andy, though. He owns a movie. It’s the only one of its kind. No one knows who made it. Only he knows where it came from. The woman it stars is beautiful beyond imagination—and the images it depicts are more nightmarish than the darkest depths of Hell. The beasts of 42nd Street will do anything to possess it, but there’s something they don’t understand. Andy loves the woman in the movie—and he’ll go to any lengths to protect her…

A savage love letter to 70s exploitation cinema and a biting satire of toxic fan culture, Beasts of 42nd Street makes horror dangerous again as it ventures into the mind of a psychopath like no other— one that will have readers recoiling even as they keep coming back for more.

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Artwork by Preston Fassel:

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