George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead is fleshed out further in Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comic book universe, which continued last month with ten #2 issues. If you haven't yet caught up, then you're in luck, because Double Take is making it possible to read each second issue for free.

Beginning today and spanning ten total business days, Double Take will make one of their Ultimate Night of the Living Dead #2 issues available to read free online for a 24-hour period.

The rotation will start today at 4:00pm EST with Medic #2: Undead at Arrival, with another #2 issue taking its place tomorrow at 4:00pm EST—a cycle that will continue until all second issues have had their turn being available to enjoy for free. To read each free issue, visit:

From Double Take: "As a holiday gift to fans and future fans alike, Double Take will be allowing free access to all 10 of their 2nd issues. The titles will rotate over the next 10 business days. Starting at 4pm EST each business day, a new title will be available for 24 hours! Fans who are interested need only to head over to starting at 4pm today, December 2, 2015!

 Today’s free issue is Medic #2: Undead on Arrival.

 As always, all 10 1st Issues are always free at and through Comixology."

You can learn more about Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead by visiting:

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