After a successful first event at SDCC 2012, The Walking Dead Escape recently announced that it's returning to San Diego during Comic-Con this July. Registration is now open and we have all the details.

Comic-Con 2013 is taking place from July 18 - 21 at the San Diego Convention Center and The Walking Dead Escape will be located within walking distance at Petco Park. This year, the event will take place on July 19 and 20, and expect a number of changes from last year.

It has already been revealed that there will be an expanded course, including new Season 3 locations, such as The Governor's Gladiators and The Prison Gauntlet. There is also the addition of "The Survivor Showdown", which will allow teams of survivors to compete for cash and other prizes. Here are the four ticket options available:

SURVIVORS: $75 Navigate the course and avoid the undead. 35-50 minutes of Walking Dead Madness! Survivor Wave Times: 5pm-10pm Waves Run every 15 minutes

WALKERS: $75 Join the undead horde and stalk the course for 2.5 hours as an official The Walking Dead Escape Walker. As a Horde Walker, you will receive a pro make up session and Walker training. Walker Wave Times: 4:30pm-7:30pm, 7:30pm-10:30pm

SPECTATORS: $20 Watch the Apocalypse from the sidelines at the Escape Party. Outstanding photo opportunities, merchandise and more. Food and beverages available. All night access included.

HEROES: $149 Get the Undead VIP treatment. As a Horde Hero, you will receive an extended pro makeup session, Walker training, and the option to haunt the course for as long as you please.

We've included the course map below, along with some details on the new locations. We will be covering the San Diego event live during Comic-Con and will also give away free tickets to Daily Dead readers closer to July. For more information, visit:

  • Evacuation Zone: You thought you were escaping the virus, but your military-guarded safe zone has been compromised. Break through the zombie chaos and begin the run to Survive.
  • Herd Highway: Herds of zombies have overrun a highway of abandoned cars. Hide and dash your way through the congested dead zone - but be strategic! Herds are attracted by smells, sounds and quick movement!
  • Hospital Hell: Rick woke from his coma in a zombie-infested hospital. Navigate the undead Doctors and destroyed equipment to escape the crumbling medical facility.
  • The Prison Gauntlet: Rick's group hasn't cleared this prison block yet. Crawl your way through the barricades and chain link fences to escape the infested penitentiary.
  • The Governor's Gladiators: The Governor's sick idea of entertainment has gotten way out of hand. Dodge hordes of chained up zombies and humans going head to head for their lives - there is no telling which is more dangerous!
  • Quarantine: Just when you think you're safe... FEMA teams must run highly confidential scientific tests on you to find out if you've been infected!