Insidious Chapter 3 was originally set to hit theaters on April 3rd, 2015, but it has been revealed that there's been a slight delay. Fans excited for another trip to the further will now be able to check out the third installment of the Insidious series on May 29th, 2015. No reason for the delay was stated, but with it being such a small delay, this is probably more marketing-related than anything to do with the production of the movie.

Leigh Whannell takes over the director's chair for the third chapter of the horror series from James Wan, who helmed the first two Insidious entries. Not only has Whannell collaborated with James Wan on multiple projects over the years, but he wrote the first two Insidious movies and had a role in them as Specs.

There are no plot details at this time, but it was recently announced that Dermot Mulroney and Stefanie Scott will appear in the new movie. We'll update Daily Dead readers as soon as more details become available.