We've been sharing news with Daily Dead readers on the upcoming Goosebumps feature film and, with the main cast now set, Sony Pictures has announced an official release date.

Fans of the R.L. Stine horror series have a little bit of a wait, as Goosebumps won't hit theaters until March 23, 2016. Even though that release date is a couple of years away, March is already starting to fill up. Disney will be releasing an animated film earlier in the month and Warcraft will be released on March 11th, 2016.

While this movie won't be an adaptation of a single Goosebumps story, we expect that a number of Goosebumps favorites will be among the monsters we see. Directed by Rob Letterman (Gulliver's Travels, Shark Tale), the movie stars Jack Black, Odeya Rush, and Dylan Minnette.

It's been said that Black will play fictional horror author Mr. Shivers whose terrifying creations come to life. However, we're hearing conflicting reports and he may actually be playing R.L. Stine. We'll let readers know as soon as it's confirmed one way or another. Odeya Rush will play the author's niece, "who teams up with her young male neighbor [Dylan Minnette] to battle the monsters unleashed from Mr. Shivers’ works." 

Jack Black:

Odeya Rush:

Dylan Minnette:

Source: Deadline