Release Details for Toad Road

2013/09/19 16:31:19 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Toad Road will be making its way to a limited number of theaters, along with DVD and VOD later this year. The release is being handled by Artsploitation Films, along with Elijah Wood's production company, SpectreVision, and Random Bench:

"This October, Artsploitation Films, the cutting-edge film distribution company founded by TLA Entertainment president Raymond Murray, in association with Elijah Wood's genre-themed production company, SpectreVision and Random Bench, will unleash the haunting and mesmerizing Toad Road via limited theatrical release. The film has been described as a hallucinatory and hypnotic odyssey through mutating realities, drug use, urban legends, and nightmares. The story follows a young college student who befriends a group of hard partying friends and finds herself drawn into the local legend of Toad Road—a pathway in the forest rumored to contain the seven gates that lead directly to Hell.

Toad Road displays a disturbing portrait of contemporary youth culture where the lines between perception and reality are blurred with often frightening results. Winning the Best Director and Best Actor awards at the 2012 Fantasia International Film Festival and
Best Picture at the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, director Jason Banker blends documentary footage with horror elements to create a cinematic experience like no other.

The film opens Friday, October 18th at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles, and in New York at Cinema Village on Friday, October 25th. Artsploitation Films will be following up the theatrical release with a DVD/VOD release on December 10th."