I must admit up front that I’m not the biggest fan of monster movies; they’re not my cup of bloody tea. So, when something like Jeepers Creepers comes along, grabs my attention and glues me to my chair, it’s something special. Darry and Trish are driving home through the countryside when they are almost driven off the road by a massive truck.

A while later, the two see the truck’s driver shoving something they think is a dead body down a drainage pipe. Naturally, the two investigate, only to find an underground dwelling full of dead bodies. They manage to escape, only to become the target of the truck driver’s menace, running for their lives from a not-so-human killer.

The cast, toplined by Justin Long and Gina Phillips, are all more than game for the crazy goings on in the film. As a couple of college aged siblings, Long and Phillips are quite the pair. Even when the two are bickering, they’re charming and easily ingratiate themselves to the audience. The two are brave, stupid, funny, and more importantly real, a welcome change from the typical teenage fodder in these types of films. The entire movie revolves around the brother and sister, and they are more than up to the challenge of carrying the film. As for the supporting cast, Patricia Belcher as Jezelle is a scene stealer and film veteran Eileen Brennan has a surprising cameo that is a lot of fun in its completely unflattering manner.

MGM has delivered an attractive budget package on Blu-ray. The film looks good, but not fantastic. There are no nicks and scratches in the print, but the film isn’t reference material by any means. Aurally, the film has some nice sound work, the creature’s wings beating being a highlight in the soundscape, since it is heard so little. The dialogue and score are mixed well, and the often-witty dialogue is always easy to hear. The bonus features kick off with a commentary by writer/director Victor Salva, followed by a nice making of featurette. A collection of extended and deleted scenes is up next with a photo gallery and theatrical trailer for the film wrapping things up.

Victor Salva is a capable writer and director, creating one of the more memorable horror films of the early 2000's. Jeepers Creepers is an interesting monster movie that doesn’t explain itself into oblivion the way many movies of this type have a tendency to do. Justin Long and Gina Phillips make a likeable pair of siblings, and the supporting cast is interesting and all tear into their roles. MGM’s Blu-ray of the film sports a nice image, that looks especially nice in close ups. Jeepers Creepers is an entertaining romp that should keep most creature feature fans, and even those who aren’t particularly fond of the genre, firmly in its grasp.

Film Score: 3.5/5 Disc Score: 3.5/5