The folks at Collider recently got a chance to talk with Robert Kirkman about all things related to The Walking Dead. In regards to raising the bar on kills in season two of the TV show, he had the following to say:

"I can say, sitting here knowing what I know about the second season, that you can’t even see the bar because it’s been raised so much. There is all kinds of crazy stuff that is coming up. I’m really excited. I mean, you get 8 guys that like zombies that know they are doing a T.V. show like The Walking Dead, and they know that you can get away with the kind of things that we got away with on the first season. It really becomes just an effort to just find that thing that AMC is going to make us change. So we all sitting there going, “Oh, they are going to make us change that!” So there is a lot of cool stuff coming up."

He also talks about his involvement in the upcoming video game and says that it won't just be your traditional zombie shooter:

"I just had a meeting with them yesterday. I’m not writing the video game myself just because I don’t have time. I can say that I picked Frank Darabont for the show and I picked Telltale Games because they are very familiar with the comic book ... as opposed to just as, you know, zombies running around and cutting people’s heads off and stuff.... We are going to try to do something a little different that is a little more true to The Walking Dead. Knowing that they are that invested in changing what you might expect from a zombie game and really brining the emotion and drama of The Walking Dead to video games makes me trust them. But I’m overseeing everything."

You can read more about Kirkman's involvement in writing the TV show, upcoming projects, and digital versions of The Walking Dead comic series by clicking on the source link below.

Source: Collider