Robert Kirkman recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, giving a status update on the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, as well as clearing up some rumors that have been floating around.

It had been mentioned that Stephen King may be writing an episode. Here's where they stand with that deal:

"That’s been discussed a little bit. Everyone involved on both sides of that are very anxious to make that happen; AMC is excited; Frank Darabont is excited; I’m excited. I know Stephen King and Joe Hill are excited. We’ll see if we can make that come together. I can neither confirm nor deny. (Laughs.)"

There were rumors last year that most of the writing staff had been fired. Kirkman claims that none of that was true:

"Darabont and [new executive producer] Glen Mazzara and myself are all working on the show. All that reporting about the writers being fired and going freelance, that was all something that never really happened."

On The Walking Dead comic-favorite Michonne showing up in season 2, fans are going to have to wait a bit longer:

"Maybe Season 3. Frank and everybody involved in the show love her and we’re all very interested in working her into the show."

Visit the source link below for the full interview, where they talk about plot points for season 2, Michael Rooker's return, the comic series, and more.