It has been announced that Robert Kirkman will receive this year's "Innovator Award" at the 2012 Saturn Awards:

"ROBERT KIRKMAN, recipient of this year’s INNOVATOR AWARD, is executive producer, creator and writer for AMC’s blockbuster horror series "The Walking Dead", and his transition from comic books to television has been one of the most extraordinary in the entertainment industry. Teaming with filmmaker Frank Darabont, Kirkman created a series that has been embraced both by genre enthusiasts and mainstream television audiences, who are captivated by its mix of genuine horror, unrelenting suspense and captivating drama."

Other special awards will be given out to Frank Oz, James Remar, The Simpsons, and Martin Scorsese. This year’s Saturn Awards will be presented at a special ceremony on June 20th in Burbank, CA. For a complete list of categories and nominees, which includes multiple nominations for American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, visit: