From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series will premiere on Tuesday, March 11th and I recently had a chance to take part in an interview call with Robert Rodriguez. Continue reading for highlights, which include him talking about expanding the movie's mythology, incorporating unused script pages from Quentin Tarantino, and working with Greg Nicotero on the new makeup effects:

Expanding the mythology from the movie: “In the original film, when I first read the script, it didn’t really take Mexico into account. I added into the original movie things that I researched in Aztec cultures and mythologies, and found a blood cult that worships snakes. The last shot of the pyramid to sort of hinted a larger mythology.

I always thought that was a cool idea we didn’t get to explore further in the film because it just wasn’t written that way. But I left it there to tickle people’s imagination about what it could be. And now years later, when I got the El Rey Network, I thought that would be a great first show, but also a chance to go re-explore some of those ideas I had researched way back in the first film. This expands Quentin’s story to include new characters, new trajectories and storylines for the original characters and really builds that mythology up more with the Santanico cult, so that we could follow with more seasons later on.”

Finding unused material for the series: “I went back into my old archives, found original art work I had done back at the time, original drawings I’d forgotten about, dug up all my own notes, and old versions of the script. I also found a bunch of handwritten script pages that Quentin had written and we never shot.

It was kind of really awesome to go back into the archives and unearth some of the stuff we had done back then that never made it into the film and adopt it for this new version.”

What to expect from the series’ vampires: “They will be nasty customers, but it’s a lot different than you expect. You know, we got to really dive into the mythology that we’re creating here and have some unique differences to what was there before. I think it’s much more cohesive.

For the makeups, KNB and Greg Nicotero, who do the Walking Dead, they worked with me on Dusk Till Dawn. That was the first time we worked together and they’ve worked on all my movies.  But post Walking Dead, the technology is just different than in the old days even the makeup effects level. Their work is just stellar and there really is a huge difference between the first film.

There’s a quality difference in the makeup and it is freaky to shoot. I was really captivated and I was the one holding the camera, but it felt more like I was documenting the stuff. I think people will be really thrilled by the advances."


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