Before Stargate and Independence Day hit the big screen, Roland Emmerich directed Making Contact, coming to Blu-ray and DVD this May from Kino Lorber. reports that Kino Lorber will release Roland Emmerich's Making Contact (1985) on Blu-ray and DVD on May 9th. According to Kino Lorber, in addition to a new HD master and optional English subtitles, the home media release will include two US theatrical trailers and the original German theatrical trailer.

Synopsis (via "From the director of Independence Day and Stargate: The Movie comes the fantasy film Making Contact a.k.a. Joey. Following the death of his father, nine-year-old Joey finds himself at the center of a frightening series of phenomena, including telekinesis, phone calls from beyond the grave and one very sinister ventriloquist dummy with extremely homicidal instincts. But when the authorities arrive to investigate Joey's "gift", they unleash a horrific supernatural that no scientist can comprehend... and only one boy can hope to stop."

Cover art via Kino Lorber: