The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm is moving forward on his remake of 13: Game of Death. Titled Angry Little God, the film will star Mark Webber and Rutina Wesley, and we now have additional casting news.

Deadline is reporting that the cast now includes Ron Perlman, along with The Walking Dead's Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Bower and Devon Graye. Filming will begin tomorrow, so we should have much more news about this film in the near future. Dimension Films has already acquired US distribution rights to the remake and were responsible for releasing the original 2006 Thai film.

"[The Story]... follows a bright but meek social services coordinator who’s drowning in debt and desperate as he’s about to marry the love of his life. He receives a mysterious phone call informing him that he’s on a hidden camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks to receive a cash prize of over $6,000,000. He accepts the challenge, but even with thousands of dollars suddenly appearing in his bank account, he realizes he’s in over his head. Trapped into the horrors manipulated by unseen spectators, his need to complete the game escalates as the tasks grow more extreme, to a devastating point of no return."

For those who are unfamiliar with the film, here is the trailer for 13: Game of Death: