He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake, and he's had enough from the look of things. A Very Scary Xmas II kicks off on December 11th in New York. Also in this round-up: details on the Fantastic Phantasmagoria as well as information on Double Take's free Ultimate Night of the Living Dead issue and Kickstarter information / trailer for Brave New Jersey.

A Very Scary Xmas II: Press Release: "Hauppauge, NY (December 2015) -- Naughty or Nice no longer matters as Santa has had just about enough! The lists have gotten longer, the kids are ungrateful and somewhere along the way they took the sugar out of the cookies and put almonds in the milk! It's enough to drive an elf crazy...matter of fact, drive ALL the elves crazy! So watch out as you stroll 34th St. and be extra careful in the Elf Asylum! This Holiday Haunt is bringing chills and thrills for its 2nd year in a row to Chamber of Horrors at 1745 Express Dr. N., Hauppauge NY 11788 on December 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th!

A Very Scary Xmas II brings back LI's first and only Xmas haunt for what is sure to become a Holiday tradition for years to come. Ticket price includes a photo with Santa and all ages are welcome. (Although it might be a bit rough for 'believers'). So load the family into the car and bring them to the slaught...show of the season!


  •  Elf-Buster $25 (includes picture w/Santa)

Standard admission to A Very Scary Xmas.

  • R.I.P PASS a.k.a. Slay Ride $35 (includes picture w/Santa)

($40 at Box Office, buy online now and save!)

Allows the ticket holder to avoid waiting and move directly to the front of the line – minimal wait.

Ticket prices include BOTH haunts for the price of 1!

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of terror into your Holiday season, this Long Island Christmas-themed haunted house is just the place! You won’t want to miss A Very Scary Christmas Part II as it returns to Chamber of Horrors at 1745 Express Dr. N., Hauppauge NY 11788 on December 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th!

Remember, not believing in Santa makes him angry, and you won’t like him when he’s angry……FEAR THE NAUGHTY LIST!

See the commercial which has been banned from cable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AHIZ7ZphXU

For Tickets, VISIT: http://chamberofhorrorsny.com/tickets/ For More Info, Call: 855-227-6384."


Crypt TV's Fantastic Phantasmagoria: Press Release: "(Little Rock, AR) – Fantastic Cinema is proud to announce Fantastic Phantasmagoria, presented by Crypt TV, the latest addition to Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival. Fantastic Phantasmagoria is fake genre trailer contest in which filmmakers create an original 60-second genre trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist, except in the creator's mind.

The Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival runs April 7-10, 2016 in downtown Little Rock, AR.

One of the key ingredients for every genre film is its trailer, that all too important initial taste that gets the audiences' mouth watering for more. A good trailer can cause people to line up in front of the theaters while a bad one can keep them away like the plague. When it comes to trailers, all the audience cares about is if it can get their pulse racing! Fantastic Cinema and Crypt TV challenge filmmakers to create a trailer that will get their adrenaline rushing in just 60 seconds.

“Genre filmmakers are some of the most creative filmmakers you will ever meet,” says Fantastic Cinema Festival Director Tony Taylor. “And most genre filmmakers have a million ideas in their head. Films they’d love to make. Films that could be the next huge genre films. We want to see these ideas, no matter how wild and crazy they may be, in the form of a 60-second trailer.”

“For a contest like this, Crypt TV was the first company we thought of when we went looking for a sponsor.of Fantastic Phantasmagoria,” Taylor added. “We are excited and grateful to have them as a partner this year. Their #WeirdIsGood motto is something we fully embrace!”

“Genre movies, young filmmakers making weird content… and craft beer, we’re in, our people.” Said Crypt TV, “This is a perfect partnership to find emerging talent and celebrate genre content, we can’t wait.”

Fantastic Cinema is incredibly excited about the judges we have lined up. Along with the great people at CryptTV, we also have some other very talented industry professionals; Chris Alexander (Filmmaker, Magazine Editor/Writer), Justin Beahm (Magazine Writer, Actor, Filmmaker), Courtney Pledger (Producer, Movie Little Rock, AR www.fantasticcinema.com Executive), and Luchagore Productions' Luke Bramley, Raynor Shima, and Gigi Guerrero (Filmmakers). Visit the Fantastic Phantasmagoria website (www.fantasticphantasmagoria.com) to read all about the judges.

The potential exposure for these filmmakers is tremendous. Trailers will be screened at the festival held in April, with Crypt TV on hand to host the screenings. The winner of the festival will be highlighted on Crypt TV’s Facebook page with a guaranteed 10,000 views to it’s fans, and online website Shock Till You Drop will provide coverage of at least the Top 10 trailers. More prizes will be announced at a later date.

To read more about the contest, judges, and rules visit the Fantastic Phantasmagoria website (www.fantasticphantasmagoria.com) or to submit your trailer today, visit Film Freeway at www.filmfreeway.com/festival/60FPS

Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival will combine two passionate fan bases that are a natural fit. Fantastic Cinema is a genre film festival programming some of the best sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, and hybrid movies from around the world, along with bringing the filmmakers to Little Rock providing a unique experience for the entire audience. Arkansas’s craft beer industry has taken off in the past few years and generates dedicated followers. Past craft beer festivals in Arkansas, as well as elsewhere, have been able to draw thousands who often remain for the entirety of the festival. We will add food trucks and multiple vendors, who along with the fascinating movies and amazing craft beer, will provide a true festival destination for Arkansas and beyond.

For more information on the festival and Crypt TV, visit www.fantasticinema.com and www.crypttv.com"


Double Take's UNOTLD: From Double Take: "As a holiday gift to fans and future fans alike, Double Take will be allowing free access to all 10 of their 2nd issues. The titles will rotate over the next 10 business days. Starting at 4pm EST each business day, a new title will be available for 24 hours! Fans who are interested need only to head over to doubletakeuniverse.com

Today’s free issue is Honor #2: Dead Badge of Courage.

As always, all 10 1st Issues are always free at doubletakeuniverse.com and through Comixology."

You can learn more about Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead by visiting:


Brave New Jersey: "BRAVE NEW JERSEY is a comedy about one of the most infamous hoaxes in history -- Orson Welles' 1938 "War of The Worlds" radio broadcast, which fooled millions into believing America was being invaded by Martians.

As the citizens of one small New Jersey town are faced with what they think is their last night on Earth, their lives will change forever. What do you do when you think you have one night to live? What happens the next day when you learn it was all a hoax? It's an end-of-the-world alien invasion movie where the world doesn’t end and the aliens never show up.

We assembled an amazing ensemble of actors led by two-time Emmy- winner TONY HALE (Veep, Arrested Development), HEATHER BURNS (Miss Congeniality, You've Got Mail), ANNA CAMP (Pitch Perfect, True Blood), DAN BAKKEDAHL (CBS's new hit comedy Life In Pieces, The Heat), MEL RODRIGUEZ (Last Man On Earth, HBO's Getting On) and SAM JAEGER (Parenthood).


Even though we completed shooting the movie in June 2015, we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for two reasons:

First, to cover the remaining cost of getting the movie over the finish line for -- VFX, Music, Post-production costs, Marketing, Publicity.

But also to begin the process of building our audience now, before the movie premieres on the 2016 festival circuit. At this point, we're close to completing the movie, so it's less about overcoming obstacles and more about delivering the movie we set out to make and bringing our audience with us on this journey.

We know we made a funny, quirky, emotional film that's full of heart. We're really proud of it and we're excited for you to see it.


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