Midverse Studios's mobile game, Penny Dreadful: Demimonde, is currently in development and you can sign up for the beta version now. Universal Cable Productions projects update and exclusive Frank Forte and Asylum Press prints are also featured in this round-up.

Penny Dreadful Mobile Game: Press Release: "Midverse Studios, a Silicon Valley mobile gaming company, announced that it is developing a game based on the SHOWTIME hit TV Series Penny Dreadful. The new game called Penny Dreadful: Demimonde, will allow fans of the show to engage with their favorite characters and content from the series.

The game, under license by CBS Consumer Products, is currently under development and will be launched this fall for mobile phones and tablet devices. Penny Dreadful: Demimonde will be released via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Kindle store, with a Facebook version of the game set to follow.

“With Penny Dreadful, SHOWTIME and series creator John Logan have created a beautiful and haunting world of supernatural creatures and storylines, all intersecting in Victorian London,” said Rizwan Virk, co-founder and CEO, Midverse. “But the real battles are happening in the demi-monde – a half-world between what we know and what we fear – and we look forward to bringing the unique creepy, intelligent style of Penny Dreadful to our mobile game.”

The gameplay in Penny Dreadful: Demimonde will be a unique combination of Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Puzzle role-playing game (RPG) mechanics. The puzzles are customized mini-games created for Penny Dreadful fans. Players of the game will be able to collect their favorite characters and creatures from the show, assemble them into a team and battle head to head against other players in tournaments and events.

Fans will be able to sign up for the beta for Penny Dreadful: Demimonde this summer, by visiting www.midversestudios.com, and see teaser trailers, and updates as they are released throughout the summer."


Universal Cable Productions Signs First-Look Deal with Dark Horse Entertainment: Press Release: "Universal Cable Productions (UCP) continues to expand its powerhouse producing talent and build upon the studio’s genre footprint by signing a first-look deal with legendary comic book publisher, Dark Horse Entertainment (“The Mask”, “Hellboy”). The deal announced today will focus on developing and producing scripted programming from their extensive comic book library as well as new material. Discussions for the deal began at Comic-Con in 2014 when Dark Horse introduced UCP executives to some of their top writers and artists. Over the last year, those conversations continued and have yielded multiple television projects with direct involvement from the comics creators.

UCP will collaborate with Dark Horse to bring their unique and fresh approach to the creative process. Together they will maximize Dark Horse’s network of talented comic creators and a robust library of content to develop character-driven concepts for television intended to resonate with their current fan base.

Projects currently in development:

“Harrow County” - Emmy has always known that the deep, dark woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts, goblins, and the restless dead. On the eve of her 18th birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures and to the land itself in a way she never imagined, for she is the reincarnation of a powerful witch who was put to death on the very day Emmy was born. For this reason, the townsfolk mean to kill her too. In order to survive, Emmy must embrace the unusual powers at her command. This project is based on the brand new book written by Cullen Bunn (“The Damned”, “The Sixth Gun”) and illustrated by Tyler Crook (“Bad Blood”). The comic quickly sold out of its first printing.

“The Umbrella Academy” - Nine years after parting ways, the estranged members of the Umbrella Academy, a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers, must figure out how to work together to save the world. Created by Gerard Way (lead singer of “My Chemical Romance”, and writer of “The True Lies of the Fabulous Killjoys”) and Gabriel Ba (Daytripper); Bluegrass films is also attached to executive produce.

“Back Up” - In the near future, a new technology allows people to be backed up the same way we now back up our computers—but instead of protecting against drive failure, these backups protect against death. This project is based on a feature script by Tom Vaughn. Kenny Golde is set to write and executive produce, Brad Anderson (“Zoo”, “Almost Human”) is in negotiations to direct. Jim Wedaa is also attached to executive produce.

“Concrete” - After his subconscious is transplanted into a hulking stone body, Ronald Lithgow must come to terms with his new form and try to live a normal life. This Eisner award-winning title is the opus of comics legend Paul Chadwick.

Dark Horse joins UCP’s leading producer line-up, including: horror icon Wes Craven; creator and executive producer of UCP’s critically acclaimed “Mr. Robot” on USA Network, Sam Esmail; Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment; BenderSpink; and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions. UCP’s extensive library of genre, fantasy and science fiction projects in the works includes: for Syfy - “Childhood’s End”, the first-ever adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s iconic novel starring Charles Dance, Mike Vogel and Julian McMahon; “Brave New World”, based on Aldous Huxley’s classic novel which is being developed alongside Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television; “The Magicians”, based on Lev Grossman’s popular trilogy; and Wes Craven’s “The People Under The Stairs”, based on the 1991 film, and “We Are All Completely Fine”, based on the book by Daryl Gregory. Plus the mind-bending thriller pilot “Falling Water” for USA Network from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”) of Valhalla Entertainment, Blake Masters (“2 Guns”) and the late Emmy Award-winner Henry Bromell (“Homeland”)."


Frank Forte / Asylum Press Comic-Con 2015 Prints: "Frank Forte/Asylum Press will be set up at Booth #1528 at Comic-Con International 2015. They will be selling exclusive silk screened art prints.

The Cartoon Cat is a 6 color silkscreen print, printed at Family Industries by master printer Old Dirty Joe----Limited to 100 copies--signed and numbered with a thumbprint on the back--sells for $100.00 each.

Molly's Nightmare is a 4 color silkscreen print, printed at Family Industries--Limited to 50 copies--signed and numbered with a thumbprint on the back--sells for $100.00 each.

In addition, the booth will have a variety of 12x18, 11x17 and 8.5 x11 laser color prints for sale.

Artist and publisher Frank Forte (Artist on Bob's Burgers TV Show and comic book, La Luz de Jesus Gallery) will be signing comics, prints and original art all weekend. Frank's credits include Heavy Metal, Lego:Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Out, Zombie Terrors, Warlash and Despicable Me 2. The booth will be featuring exclusive convention multi-color silkscreened prints, comic book pages, laser prints and original art. Publisher Asylum Press will be featuring all new Fearless Dawn comics (Eye of The Beholder, Hard Times and In Outer Space) as well as a backlist of comics and graphic novels including: EEEK!, Asylum of Horrors, Steve Mannion Sketchbooks, Warlash, Satan's Circus of H$ll. Cosplayer Loretta Vamps will be at the booth all weekend in various costumes including Fearless Dawn.

Websites: www.frankforte.com and www.asylumpress.com"

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