Sacred Bones Records has unveiled the music video for John Carpenter's "Night", a track from his Lost Themes record that's now available. Also featured in our latest round-up is Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III, this weekend's zombie-themed fundraiser for The Walking Hope cancer charity, as well as details on Diamond Select Toys' interactive appearances at Chicago's C2E2 later this month.

John Carpenter Music Video: It followed Laurie Strode as she was hunted by Michael Myers, rode with Christine as the flaming 1958 Plymouth Fury mercilessly pursued Buddy Repperton down a dark stretch of asphalt, and accompanied Jack Burton and his pals on their rescue mission in Lo Pan's lair. John Carpenter’s music could be listed as a cast member in his films, as they are like another character, superbly complimenting the dialogue and actions of the main players.

The nine tracks on Carpenter's upcoming Lost Themes record, however, don't come from iconic films, but they will likely have listeners watching movies of their imagination's own devising. From the creative minds of John Carpenter, his son, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies, the Lost Themes album is now available from Sacred Bones Records.

Starring John Carpenter, the music video for "Night" was created by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst:


Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III: Taking place in Detroit to raise money to help those with cancer, the Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III will feature signed memorabilia from the casts of both The Walking Dead and George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, respectively, as well as many other items.

If you can't make it to the event, you can still participate in the online auction of The Walking Hope hoodie, autographed by over fifty The Walking Dead celebrities:

From Facebook: "The Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III is coming on Sat., April 18 to the Tangent Gallery / Hastings St. Ballroom. This show is a benefit for the American Cancer Society via The Walking Hope for ACS and LLS (a Walking Dead and pop culture themed fan site dedicated to raising awareness and funds for ACS and cancer charity).

The DZA is an entertainment extravaganza featuring music, burlesque, sideshow acts, an apocalyptic art gallery & more!!!

It commences on Sat., April 18th at Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom located at 715 E. Milwaukee in Detroit. 18 & over admitted, 8pm doors ~ 8:30pm showtime, $10 suggested minimum donation. Dress to impress in your deadest attire! Hunters welcome! Citizens BEWARE!!!

*Donators/Donated Prizes for Silent Auction/Raffle:
-Chad L Coleman ('Tyreese' on The Walking Dead) art work that says "Nobody has to die today with THE WALKING HOPE!"
-The Smiths & Doreen Sarrach Defauw - The Walking Hope signed hoodie signed by 55 TWD celebs and 10 autographed TWD prints
-'The Night of the Living Dead Festival' (2014) poster by Gary Streiner, Dean Vanderkolk, Jim Cironellla & Doreen Sarrach Defauw
-One original "Cross Head Stone" Conte crayon drawing 19 ¼ x 20 ¼ in poster frame and 4 prints by Mark Arminski
-The Walking Hope Logo Original Art! A lovely one of a kind piece on Canvas! This was created, in April 2015, by artist and photographer Lisa Burgner specifically for this auction and event. Lisa used a 11 x 14 canvas and wood frame and acrylics. She signed the back with her initials and the date.
-Abrahams Tribute with Moustache & Dog Chain necklace by Lisa Burgner
-Tommy Palmer & Sonia Chavez (The Walking Dead 360) for two 10" Daryl Dixon, Carl, The Governor & Andrea action figures
-Enrique Santana (Enrique's Walking Dead Group) - Two EWD group tees (ladies & mens)
-Gianna Hughes of 11 autographed prints from the following zombie/horror-genre peeps
-Michael J. Tomaso for 3 sets of signed prints and Final Edition of "The Southern Globe" donated by Michael (a/k/a "Mailbox 22") (Known for 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Day of The Dead')
-October 2014 edition of "Halloween Machine" by Paul Counelis of Hallow Harvest Books (Cover art by Brad B.C. Smith)
-11"x14" 'Daryl Dixon' poster, 2 5"x7" 10 packs & 1 5"x7" black & white pack of art work by Scott Spillman
-& much more!

-Event Emcees: Dirk Belligerent & OTTO the Autopilot of Culture Vultures Radio Show
-Auctioneer Dean Vanderkolk

Music By:
-Dead in 5 ( / Dana Forrester / James Trunko / Robert Libres / Brent Hall / Peder Seglund
-HafLife ( / Jamie Hall / VG Blevins / Dean Western
-Eprom Colony [EPCO]]] / Doc Colony / Vandl Colony / Kalvin Jones / Shiva Honey
-Hearsemen / Mike Sackey/ Jerry Muth / Jay Loman / Sliquor Johnsons
-DJ Greebo

To learn more about Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III, visit:

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