Roar Uthaug's The Wave crashes on the shores of Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on June 21st. Also in this round-up: production details on Jessica Cameron's An Ending, release details for Sacrifice and The Divine Tragedies, and Kickstarter launch details for Night Wolf.

The Wave: "Nestled in Norway's Sunnmøre region, Geiranger is one of the most spectacular tourist draws on the planet. With the mountain Åkerneset overlooking the village — and constantly threatening to collapse into the fjord — it is also a place where cataclysm could strike at any moment. After putting in several years at Geiranger's warning centre, geologist Kristian (Kristoffer Joner) is moving on to a prestigious gig with an oil company. But the very day he's about to drive his family to their new life in the city, Kristian senses something isn't right. The substrata are shifting. No one wants to believe that this could be the big one, especially with tourist season at its peak, but when that mountain begins to crumble, every soul in Geiranger has ten minutes to get to high ground before a tsunami hits, consuming everything in its path.

Release: Magnolia Home Entertainment

Available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD June 21st."

Directed by Roar Uthaug, The Wave stars Kristoffer Joner, Ane Dahl Torp, Jonas Hoff Oftebro and Edith Haagenrud-Sande.


An Ending: Press Release: "Scream Queen Jessica Cameron has just announced that her latest project, An Ending, which she will produce and co-direct with screenwriter Josh Chiara, begins shooting at the end of April.

Jessica Cameron will also star in An Ending as Florence, a woman who wakes up in a nightmare world after being rushed to a hospital for unknown reasons.

An Ending also stars Heather Dorff as Collette, a woman who has been in the nightmare world much longer than Florence, and Ali Ferda as Molly, a woman coming to terms with crushing guilt.

As the three women are stalked through the corridors of the nightmare world by something lurking in the shadows, they are split apart, and each finds herself on her own personal journey.

Josh Chiara previously worked with Jessica Cameron as DP on her film Mania, which just won its tenth film festival award. Heather Dorff acted in Jessica Cameron's debut feature Truth or Dare, and the two star alongside each other on Scream Queen Stream, a weekly variety show that airs online. Ali Ferda stars alongside Jessica Cameron in Desolation, which was shot as part of the Kill the PA road trip and is currently in post-production.

Poster art by Maxwell Jacques Leclerc.

Please follow the film’s social media pages for more information.



Sacrifice: Press Release: "Sacrifice will open on Friday, April 29th in New York at IFC Center and available On Demand / all Digital platforms.

A film by Peter A. Dowling.

Disturbing secrets lie buried in the bogs of a remote island in this spellbinding thriller. Shortly after surgeon Tora Hamilton (Radha Mitchell) moves with her husband (Rupert Graves) to the Shetland Islands – 100 miles off the coast of Scotland – she makes an unnerving discovery: the body of a young woman with strange symbols carved into her flesh and her heart ripped out. When what at first appears to be the remains of a victim of an ancient ritual turns out to be a fresh corpse, Tora is plunged into a dangerous mystery that may be connected to the dark myths of the island’s folklore.

The film is starring Radha Mitchell (Man On Fire, Melinda and Melinda, Surrogates, The Frozen Ground) and Rupert Graves (The Madness of King George, V For Vendetta, Made in Dagenham).

Director/Writer: Peter A Dowling
Producers: Peter Lewis, Tristan Lynch, Aoife O’Sullivan, and Arnold Rifkin.
Cast: Radha Mitchell, Rupert Graves, David Robb, and Ian McElhinney.
Release Date: April 29th (NY/VOD)
Distributor: IFC Midnight
TRT: 91 minutes
Rating: The film is not rated."


The Divine Tragedies: Press Release: "Burbank, CA:  Critically-acclaimed festival favorite THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES, from writer-director Jose Prendes, will be distributed in the US by Uncork’d Entertainment.

The first feature from Dual Visions, the company headed up by Jon and James Kondelik, has been called “a dangerous and perfect little nightmare that needs to be seen” (Aint it Cool News) and “simply divine” (Dread Central).

The film tells of two brothers that fulfill their murderous fantasies, but doing so derails their relationship with horrifying results. Rising star Hannah Levien, from TV’s The Magicians, genre favorite Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), Ken Foree (The Devil’s Rejects), Graham Denman and Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) star.

Uncork’d Entertainment President Keith Leopard says he’s excited to be working with the Kondelik’s on the well-received film.

“I immediately fell in love with THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES – it’s as captivating and frightening as it is visually stunning. Prendes has crafted a masterwork of horror here. We’re excited to be teaming with Dual Visions to bring the film to the masses.”

Producer Jon Kondelik says, “We are thrilled to have Uncork'd Entertainment release Jose Prendes' psychological thriller to the masses. Divine Tragedies is our first of many films and couldn't ask for a better start for our company."

"It's one of those films that is super soaked in color, blood, and a butt load of imagery to warp your mind”, says producer James Kondelik. “Who wouldn't be excited for this release?"

Uncork'd Entertainment will release THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES later this year."


Night Wolf: Press Release: Sharpsville, PA - March 28, 2016 – Lone Wolf Comics is happy to announce that the “Night Wolf” KickStarter Project Begins on April Fool’s day! On Friday, April 1st, 2016, at 5 pm Eastern, 4 pm Central, and 3 pm Pacific the “Night Wolf” Comic Book Project will be live on! You can preview the "Night Wolf" KickStarter video now on YouTube at!

“Night Wolf” has the potential to be a fan favorite with its unique take on the supernatural, theology, mythology, and fantasy. The story encompasses elements of horror, magic, and science in a modern setting.

“If you love stories about anti-heroes and supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, zombies and more, then this the comic book for you,” said Robert A. Multari, Creative Director of Lone Wolf Comics. “We need your support to get ‘Night Wolf’ off and running strong! Whether it’s your pledge or a simple share of our e-mails, Facebook posts, and campaign links; our team will be forever grateful for your support. Comic book publishing is a tough business to break into especially for small independent teams, but with your enthusiasm and help spread the word the ‘Night Wolf’ KickStarter campaign can see an exciting and viral start. We would like to thank all of our closest friends, family, and fans for their continued interest and support, and we hope to see you on KickStarter SOON!”

Stay tuned for more updates and help support “Night Wolf!”

Lone Wolf Comics: "Night Wolf" Project Team
Created, Written and Lettering By: Robert A. Multari
Line Art By: Oscar Choquecota Ale and Carlos Herrera
Colors By: Ross A. Campbell and Carlos Herrera
Editing By: Ryan Rotuna

About "Night Wolf":
"Night Wolf" is about a teenager, Rod Marcelli, who on his 18th birthday discovers that he was born a werewolf and is reluctantly thrown into a supernatural war between good and evil.

About KickStarter:
KickStarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. KickStarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative ideas that are brought to life through the direct support of others. To Learn more about KickStarter visit

About Lone Wolf Comics:
Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start-up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Crimson Dawn, Arcane, and Redemption. Lone Wolf is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. To learn more about Lone Wolf Comics visit their website,! Fans are encouraged to show their love on social media by following Lone Wolf Comics on Twitter at @LoneWolfComics and on Facebook at Post with the hashtag #NightWolf!"

To learn more about the Night Wolf Kickstarter, visit:

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