Did you enjoy this week's premiere episode of American Horror Story: Asylum? If you were confused by anything you saw or are curious about what will be answered in upcoming episodes, we have some quotes from a recent interview with Ryan Murphy:

*Spoiler Warning: Don't read this if you haven't seen the first episode or don't want to know anything about future episodes.*

Via EW: Will the search for Alma and her disappearance be a driving mystery the whole season?

It continues for the whole season. It’s an interesting idea, which is for the audience basically to find out were the aliens real or were they all in his mind? We studied a lot about alien abductions, particularly the year we’re writing about. We say in the first episode that 1964 was a very important year in which religion and science collided. Right around the time of the space program is when a lot of people claimed alien abduction theories. I’ve always been obsessed with alien abduction theories because one of my best friends tells me over and over again that she was abducted and experimented on. So it’s a fascinating thing to write about.

We saw the alien limbs. But will we see its face?

Yes. We overshot the s— out of it. What we did last year with the infantata is you saw it for literally like 3 frames. It’s a very similar experience where we don’t show many of the creatures in the woods which are called Raspers. We don’t show too much. We want you to get invested in the story but we do show more.

One person we do see is Bloody Face. So is the modern day Bloody Face the same from the 1960s?

It could be. You definitely get the answer to that.

The twist with Adam Levine being dismembered within the first five minutes was pretty shocking. But he’s still in a bunch of episodes right?

Yes, he is going to be in a bunch of episodes. I mean, it’s clear after the first episode that he’s in a bad place. I wanted a big star in that. We actually wrote it for him. He did such a great job. He has this great movie star charisma. But what Janet Leigh was to Psycho, Adam is to this season of American Horror Story. He does not perish as quickly as anybody. And maybe he lives — I’m not saying anything.

But Leo and Teresa won’t bookend every episode right?

No. We made the decision to do a period piece but I really wanted to examine the Bloody Face legend. So this year we do sort of have a story within a story. The 2012 stuff is not in every episode. We skip around a little bit. But it’s definitely part of the storytelling engine and all designed to completely wrap up in the very last episode and the very last scene. I think it’s cool to tell a very modern story within a period frame work. I love the new Briarcliff dissolving into the old Briarcliff.

Will we find out what knocked out Lana, like, whose arm that was?

Oh yeah. It’s the fun thing about the show. Who is Bloody Face? Is Bloody Face still alive? What’s behind that door? Will Adam Levine live? What the hell is Dr. Arden making in that lab? Just another day in the writer’s room of American Horror Story. These are all mysteries very similar to last year where in the first episode we launched 5 or 6 mysteries and you follow them.

And Ian McShane is gonna be on?

Ian McShane is coming on. I’m really excited about the Ian McShane part. I have loved him for a really long time. This is an interesting year in American Horror Story in that after episode 9, we go on a holiday break and then come back in January. So I really wanted like two-episode climactic thing and I wanted someone who could go head to head with Jessica Lange. We’ve written him a really amazing part that he starts shooting today. They’re episodes 8 and 9.

And Frances Conroy? You tweeted that she’s playing someone angelic.

Yes. I don’t want to give that away because that doesn’t happen ’til I think episode 7, but it’s one of my favorite episodes. Frances appears there and then comes back and forth throughout the season.

Can you tease next week’s episode, “Trick and Treats?”

It’s our Halloween episode, and it’s about the powers of Satan. It’s about a boy who is or is not possessed who suddenly, strangely knows a lot about Sister Jude’s secrets.


Here's the synopsis and teaser for next week's episode:

Episode 2 - "Tricks and Treats" - An Exorcist is summoned to Briarcliff to help save a troubled farm boy. Sister Jude's darkest secret is revealed. Written by James Wong; directed by Bradley Buecker.

Source: EW