After recently announcing that the annual "Romero Lives" celebration will be moving from Pittsburgh to Salem, with a month-long series of screenings and events, we have word from Salem Horror Fest that its first wave of premieres will include Greg Sestero's Miracle Valley:

"First wave premieres have been announced for the fifth annual Salem Horror Fest (World’s Best Genre Festivals 2021, MovieMaker Magazine) leading with the world premiere of Miracle Valley written and directed by Greg Sestero, who will personally present the film and whose memoirs were the source of the 2017 Academy Award-nominated film The Disaster Artist, based on his experience making the 2003 cult hit The Room.

An obsessive photographer and his girlfriend are invited to a desert getaway in search of an ultra-rare bird. Fortune, fame, and mending their fading relationship takes a turn at the hands of a sinister force where they face demons from both past, present, and future.

The 2021 slate of independent filmmakers will compete to win a $1,000 cash jury award and consideration for The George A. Romero Fellowship program featuring industry mentors Mynette Louie (Swallow), Travis Stevens (Jakob’s Wife), and Jenn Wexler (The Ranger). The next submission deadline is July 31, 2021.

For festival badges and more information about the selected films, visit Additional events and program details to be announced throughout the summer.

USA, 2022
World Premiere, 90 min
Written and directed by Greg Sestero
Starring Greg Sestero, Angela Mariano, Rick Edwards
An obsessive photographer and his girlfriend are invited to a desert getaway in search of an ultra-rare bird. Fortune, fame, and mending their fading relationship takes a turn at the hands of a sinister force where they face demons from both past, present, and future.

Salem Horror Fest is a celebration of diverse voices and innovative filmmaking within a genre that best reflects our cultural demons and anxieties. World’s Best Genre Festivals 2021 - MovieMaker Magazine

2021 Official Selections


(USA, 2021)
New England Premiere, 100 min
Director - Craig Singer
A couple wakes up at 6:45 each morning to the same nightmarish chain of events that lead to them being viciously murdered.


(USA, 2021)
Northeast Premiere, 79 min
Directors - Emily Bennett, Justin Brooks
As she waits for her girlfriend to return home for their anniversary, Charlie discovers she’s trapped inside her apartment with an evil entity, and must fight for survival as nightmarish visions descend and a voice in the wall guides her towards a way out.

(Chile, 2021)
Northeast Premiere, 92 min
Directors - Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zuñiga, Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León y Samon Marquez
Five stories in which a mobile app will open the doors to mystery and horror.

(USA, 2021)
Northeast Premiere, 97 min
Director - Christopher Bickel
After robbing a strip club, three desperate teenage girls lead a misogynistic Federal Agent on a lysergic cross-country chase, scoring a duffle bag full of money, drugs, and a crew of willing kidnapees along the way.

(USA, 2021)
World Premiere, 77 min
Director - Bobby Marinelli

Six fame hungry actors are documented as they unknowingly trade their lives to star and die in an experimental horror film.

(Canada, 2021)
USA Premiere, 80 min

Director - Francesco Giannini
Scattered victims are thrust into the fight of their lives, when a hotel hallway is ravaged by a mysterious virus.

(USA, 2021)
New England Premiere, 104 min
Director - Kris Roselli
Evading police at a remote farmhouse after fumbling a robbery, four criminals discover that the family living there are not who they appear to be.

(USA, 2021)
East Coast Premiere, 107 min
Director - Rocko Zevenbergen

A young punk births a strange fleshy creature… it mocks him, hurts him, and takes over his whole world!


(USA, 2021)
Northeast Premiere, 82 min
Director - Josh Wallace

A fateful chain of events begin to unravel after two brash insurance salesmen go knocking on the wrong door and find themselves trapped in a stranger's basement.

(United Kingdom, 2021)
Northeast Premiere, 90 min
Director - Adam Ethan Crow
A fractured family are forced to face their demons, metaphorically and literally, as they unwittingly become embroiled in a man's attempt to prove the existence of the supernatural in order to overturn a friend's murder conviction.


(USA, 2021)
East Coast Premiere, 74 min
Director - Paul Owens

Summoned to his soon-to-be demolished childhood home, Mason discovers a video camera that can see into the past, driving him to record as many memories as possible before the doomed house is destroyed.


(México, 2021)
USA Premiere, 93 min
Director - Rigoberto Castañeda

A former drug runner battles supernatural assassins after taking a sick girl under his protection.

(Canada, 2021)
East Coast Premiere, 83 min
Director - Benjamin Ross Hayden
In the near future, an A.I. called URM is investigated by a detective and researcher for a lab about to release a contact lens with the power to record what the eye can see to recreate memories.

(USA, 2021)
East Coast Premiere, 79 min
Director - Beau Ballinger

A troubled artist with a dark past attempts to make peace with her dying mother while investigating the mysterious death of her teenage sister.

(USA, 2021)
World Premiere, 98 min
Director - Pierre Tsigaridis

A matriarchal witch passes on her sinister inheritance to her grand-daughter, triggering horrific curses.

(USA, 2021)
World Premiere, 93 min

Director - Harry Owens
When an African couple take a vacation to recover from tragedy, they find themselves terrorized by demons both real and supernatural. The house that was meant to provide refuge slowly stalks them, consuming their sorrow and trapping them in a nightmare.


Local Mass Hysteria - Showcase of Massachusetts Filmmakers


(Brighton MA, 90 min)

Directors - WL Freeman, John Harrison

After the disappearance of her girlfriend, a young trans woman comes into contact with an ancient evil.


(Dracut MA, 108 min)

Director - Renée Elizabeth Lavoie

The road to recovery is paved in blood for Rose Marlow -- her own included. But tormented by the memory of her traumatic injury, she'll try anything to keep herself alive.


(Amherst MA, 85 min)

Director - Nick Verdi

Andrew, a delusional loner who dreams of killing all white men, returns to his hometown in the wake of family tragedy and goes on a murderous rampage.


(Uxbridge MA, 90 min)

Director - Skip Shea 

A grieving mother holds on to her Catholic faith as her husband leaves to study and learn the secrets of an old New England cult.