Horror fans in Syracuse will travel to "a place where the dead speak" this April at the 13th annual Salt City Horror Fest. Pet Sematary co-star Denise Crosby will be on hand at The Palace Theatre for a special screening of Mary Lambert's 1989 Stephen King adaptation, with C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud, Creepshow 2, and Terrorvision among the other 35mm screenings featured at the event.

We have the list of 35mm screenings and special guests for Salt City Horror Fest below, and check here for more information on the celluloid celebration.

"The 2018 SALT CITY HORROR FEST - April 28th at 10am - early morning of  April 29th

Featured films on 35mm:

Pet Sematary” Stephen King’s classic with intro Q/A with Denise Crosby

King Kong” – Original 1933 film & aspect ratio of 1:37:1

C.H.U.D” - Rare uncut extended version. Intro Q/A Carey Eidel

C.H.U.D II: Bud the CHUD” – First 35mm screening in the US since its original release. Intro Q/A Director David K. Irving & Gerrit Graham

Phantom of Paradise” – Theatrical version

CREEPSHOW 2” – Rare 35mm print Courtesy of the Academy Film Archive. Intro Q/A with Rich Catizone

Terrorvision” – Rare 35mm print courtesy of Full Moon Features.

The Manson Massacre” – aka “The Cult” – Ultra rare screening of this thought to be “lost” film.

Featured special guests:

Mary Lambert - Director Pet Sematary / many music videos

Denise Crosby – Actress Pet Sematary, Star Trek, The Walking Dead

Rick Catizone – Animation Design “Creepshow 2”

Gerrit Graham – Actor “Phantom Paradise”, “Terrorvision” , “CHUD II” , “Child’s Play 2” , “Used Cars”, “Star Trek”

David K. Irving – “CHUD II” Director

Carey Eidel – Actor “CHUD”, “Lost World: Jurassic Park”

Jay Kay – Horror Happens Radio / screening the world premiere trailer to his film: “It’s Under Your Skin: Don’t Eat at Dave’s”

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