Usually being assigned to sit in the electric chair means you've reached the end of the line, but for serial killer Ivan Moser, his death sentence is a springboard to a new string of murders in Robert Kirk's Destroyer. Scream Factory has just announced they are coupling the 1988 horror film with William Wesley's Scarecrows for a Blu-ray release next summer.

From Scream Factory: "Our "Shocktober" celebration continues with another film to reveal, and this is a rare one: The 1988 prison/slasher film DESTROYER will make its debut on the Blu-ray format in Summer 2015 and will be paired in a double feature with the previously-announced SCARECROWS—another quasi-slasher flick from 1988.

Similar to The Horror Show and Shocker in its execution (pun not intended) DESTROYER sports a pretty wild cast starring former NFL player Lyle Alzado, Deborah Foreman (April Fool’s Day, Waxwork), Clayton Rohner (also from April Fool’s Day, The Relic) and even “Norman Bates” himself, Anthony Perkins!

No other details to report at this time. We still have a few more surprise reveals between now and Halloween so keep checking back here on the page to be the first to see them."

Destroyer synopsis (via "Execution day for a serial killer sparks a prison riot, leaving prison officials to assume he was successfully electrocuted. A year later, a film crew using the prison as a set discover the truth."

Scarecrows synopsis (via "Five people heist the Camp Pendleton payroll, kidnap a pilot and his daughter, who are forced to fly them to Mexico. Enroute a double cross has one of the thieves parachute with the loot into an abandoned graveyard surrounded by strange scarecrows. Two of the team jump after their loot and their former partner. Everything happens during the course of one very dark night..."

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