Scream Factory promised a huge announcement during HorrorHound Weekend and they did not disappoint. They just revealed that six 80's horror titles that will be making their way to Blu-ray in 2013, including The Fog, The Howling, and Day of the Dead.

You can see the full list below, and you'll notice that most of these titles will be making their first appearance on Blu-ray. The only movie that was previously released on Blu-ray is Day of the Dead, but it will be getting a new set of bonus features this time around and we expect to see a better transfer as well.

Like all Scream Factory titles so far, expect an extensive list of bonus features and new artwork created specifically for this release. This is an early announcement, so more details will become available next year.

  • THE FOG (1980): John Carpenter's seaside ghostly revenge flick with Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis. New extras are in the works! First time on Blu-ray
  • THE BURNING (1981): Summer Camp. Garden shears. Tom Savini effects. Need we say more? First time on Blu-ray
  • THE HOWLING (1981): Joe Dante's ultimate werewolf pic with superb Rob Bottin effects. First time on Blu-ray.
  • LIFEFORCE (1985): Tobe Hooper's space vampires and light-show extravaganza finally gets its first ever anamorphic widescreen presentation! First time on Blu-ray.
  • NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984): Shopping and zombies highlight this post-Doomsday cult classic. First time on Blu-ray.
  • DAY OF THE DEAD (1985): George Romero's splattery undead classic gets a new collector's edition with new extras.

For those who want to keep track, here’s the current list of Scream Factory titles that have been released and/or announced: Halloween IIHalloween III: Season of the WitchThe FunhouseTerror Train, They Live, Phantasm II, The Video Dead, Death Valley, The Island, Deadly Blessing, Prison, The Nest, The Evictors, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, From Beyond, The Vampire Lovers, The Incredible Melting Man, Scanners II: The New Order, Scanners III: The Takeover, The Horror Show, and The Vagrant.

 *Underlined titles are already available

  • I should have all of my paychecks sent directly to Scream Factory.