"Thrill me." If those two words send chills down your nostalgic spine, then you'll be thrilled to know that Scream Factory is releasing a new Collector's Edition Blu-ray of Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps, and they've teamed up with NECA to release the first official action figure of Tom Atkins' iconic character from the film, Detective Ray Cameron.

The bonus features for the Night of the Creeps Collector's Edition Blu-ray have not yet been revealed, but the new release is due out on May 28th and is available to pre-order in both a standard and deluxe edition. The new Blu-ray will have the Director's Cut of Dekker's film, as well as the special features from the previous US Blu-ray release, and the Scream Factory team is also looking to include the movie's theatrical cut with an alternate ending.

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated when more information is revealed this April, and in the meantime, you can check out the full announcement and images from Scream Factory:

"We aim to “thrill” you today with very exciting news! Please read carefully on as there’s a lot to communicate…

• We are releasing a new Blu-ray of the popular 80s cult classic NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, which is planned for a May 28th Street Date. Region A. US & Canada.

• This will be presented as a Collector’s Edition and will come guaranteed with a slipcover in its first three months of release.

• We are doing something different and not adding a newly-designed illustration to the national release. The front-facing cover will be the iconic “zombie rose” art that many remember fondly from its initial VHS release. The reverse cover will featuring a theatrical poster design (Students with flamethrowers as zombies approach)

• Extras and final specs are in progress and will be announced on a later date. All extras from the prior U.S. Blu-ray release will be ported over and new extras are underway. Director’s Cut of the film is a given and we are working towards also providing the theatrical cut of the film (which had a different ending) as well. We’ll let you know of our progress in April.

Now if you are the ultimate NIGHT OF THE CREEPS fan then you’ll want to take note of two offers on the release—one of which is only available at www.shoutfactory.com while supplies last:

STANDARD OFFER (which will also be made available through other retailers throughout the month).

- Receive the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray with slipcover

Pre-order through us now @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/night-of-the-creeps-collector-s-edition?product_id=7064&fbclid=IwAR2jeD16ad-Cu0iQ8SHPLx6vN3Ln9K_NCbAV-S74PTjYcre67zih2IEv-as

EXCLUSIVE WEBSITE-ONLY DELUXE OFFER (Only 3,000 of this offer being made. US & Canada only)

- Receive the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray with slipcover

- Receive a rolled limited-edition 18” x 24” poster of a newly-designed illustration from Devon Whitehead (Trick r Treat, Valentine). Made exclusively for this promotion only. (Also to note: Posters are now being rolled and shipped in a poster tube differently that we did last year to ensure better delivery.)

- Receive a second slipcover featuring the Devon Whitehead art concept. (Both the poster and the slipcover were made exclusively for our site only)

- Receive an exclusive, limited edition 8” tall Detective Ray Cameron (Tom Atkins) action figure created by NECA - N.E.C.A and officially approved by Mr. Atkins himself! This will only be made available here exclusively on our site and will not be sold elsewhere or at a later date.

- Free Standard Shipping on U.S. Orders.

We anticipate this one-of-a-kind offer to sell out. Lock in your pre-order ASAP @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/night-of-the-creeps-deluxe-limited-edition-with-exclusive-action-figure?product_id=7065&fbclid=IwAR1rsWI_wXomeSEjDg9FC7WplX5et8CX17MOhmrWnbo6yuRDvMvX5kqGdQ8

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