Sixteen years before Roger L. Jackson's chilling Ghostface voice haunted the characters of Wes Craven's Scream, another caller made sinister threats via the telephone in Emmett Alston's New Year's Evil. The 1980 holiday slasher film comes out on Blu-ray in February from the folks at Scream Factory and they've just unveiled the final special features, including a fresh HD transfer and new interviews with the cast and crew.

New Year's Evil will be available on Blu-ray beginning February 24th, 2015. We have the final extras announcement from Scream Factory and the film's synopsis below:

"**FINAL EXTRAS revealed for NEW YEAR'S EVIL**

As we ride out the last day of 2014 we thought it would be appropriate to end it today by revealing the extras on our upcoming blu-ray release of the slasher favorite NEW YEAR'S EVIL.

  • Brand new HD transfer of the film
  • Audio commentary with Director Emmett Alston
  • The Making of New Year’s Evil documentary featuring new interviews with actors Kip Niven, Grant Cramer, Taaffe O’Connell and Director of photography Thomas Ackerman
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Streets 2/24. However, if you order now directly from us @…/film-horror/new-year-s-evil we'll ship it two weeks earlier!"

"A Different Kind Of New Year's Resolution

"Diane "Blaze" Sullivan, the host of a nationally televised punk-rock show on New Year's Eve, is receiving calls from a mysterious killer who tells her of his plans to off someone at midnight in each of America's major time zones… and she will be the last.

Starring Roz Kelly (who played Pinky Tuscadero on Happy Days), Kip Niven (Magnum Force), Grant Cramer (Killer Klowns From Outer Space), Louisa Moritz (Death Race 2000), Taaffe O’Connell (Galaxy Of Terror) and Teri Copley (We Got It Made), New Year's Evil injects an "intimate and refreshing viewpoint into what was once a tired old scenario" (Andre Dumas, The Horror Digest)…and then takes you on a non-stop thrill ride of unmitigated terror!""

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