In addition to their recently announced The Omen Blu-ray collection, Scream Factory is bringing more fire and brimstone to Blu-ray with their upcoming release of the Hammer horror film The Devil Rides Out, starring Christopher Lee.

The Devil Rides Out Blu-ray is scheduled for an October 29th release. You can check out the announcement and cover art below, and in case you missed it, read Scott Drebit's Drive-In Dust Offs article on the film.

From Scream Factory: "The legendary Christopher Lee stars in 1968's THE DEVIL RIDES OUT—one of Hammer Films’ most accomplished thrillers. We’re proud to announce its Blu-ray release slated for Oct 29th!

The debonair Duc de Richleau (Lee) has been trusted with the care of his deceased friend’s son, Simon Aron (Patrick Mower). The Duc discovers that the young man has been seduced into joining a Satanic cult headed by the diabolic Mocata (Charles Gray), who is intent on making Simon one of the Devil’s disciples. Having rescued Simon from a bloodied ritual, de Richleau is pursued by Mocata, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Duc and his friends, even summoning the Angel of Death itself.

Extras to be announced on a later date. Pre-order now @…"

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