"There's a girl in the garden." There are enough funny lines and hilarious situations in Edgar Wright's "Rom-Zom-Com", Shaun of the Dead (2004), to keep a week's worth of water cooler conversations well-stocked with laughs, and now a moment from the film is being enjoyed like never before, as the photo Nick Frost's Ed snapped of Simon Pegg's Shaun struggling with a zombie has been released over ten years after it was taken.

Waking up one morning after a night of hard drinking for a party of two, best buds and roommates Ed and Shaun are unaware that during the night a zombie infection spread throughout the community, with the living dead now choking the streets in search of fresh meat. Their first real awareness of the zombie uprising occurs when Ed notices a woman named Mary standing in their garden, or backyard. Initially thinking she's drunk, the two buds have a chuckle watching the shambling woman until she falls onto Shaun and attempts to bite his face. Before hoisting the woman off Shaun, Ed runs back into the house and comes back out with a camera. Still unaware that Mary is a zombie, Ed takes a picture of Mary and Shaun.

Until recently, this photo hadn't been released, but now it's making the rounds online and we have it below (thanks to Badass Digest for the image!):

If you're unfamiliar with this moment from the movie, or you would like to relive it, here's the scene in which the photo is taken:

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