Well, this week’s home media releases are a unique batch (probably the most unusual group I’ve seen in the more than 5-plus years I’ve been doing this column), as we only have one new title heading home on Tuesday—Rage of the Mummy from Wild Eye Releasing—and then the rest of the Blu-ray and DVD releases are either repackaging of existing titles or reissued sets, most of them coming from Miramax. In any case, it’s looks like this week is a good time to stock up on some genre titles for the upcoming Halloween season, as there’s definitely something for everyone in this list.

Rob Zombie Trilogy (Lionsgate, Blu/Digital Combo)

The terrifying trilogy that follows the blood-soaked saga of the depraved Firefly family, including 3 From Hell, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil’s Rejects.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964) (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Death and debauchery reign in the castle of Prince Prospero (Vincent Price), and when it reigns, it pours! Prospero has only one excuse for his diabolical deeds—the devil made him do it! But when a mysterious, uninvited guest crashes his pad during a masquerade ball, there'll be hell to pay as the party atmosphere turns into a danse macabre!

Rage of the Mummy (Wild Eye Releasing, DVD)

A group of occultists steal 13 sacred relics from the tomb of Prince Horus-Kan in order to create their own supernatural powers. Now, the three thousand year old mummy prince must hunt down the stolen relics while bringing deadly vengeance upon the grave robbers.

The Vincent Price Collection (Reissue) (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Get ready for six chilling tales starring the master of horror, Vincent Price! This collection includes new and vintage bonus features that focus not just on each film, but on Price's illustrious and enduring legacy as cinema's most chilling actor.


Children of the Corn: 4-Movie Collection (Miramax, Blu-ray)

Children of the Corn: 6-Movie Collection (Miramax, DVD) 

Dracula Double Feature (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo) 

The Faculty (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo)

From Dusk Till Dawn (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo & DVD)

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II Double Feature (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Blu/Digital Combo)

Halloween: 3-Movie Collection (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo & DVD) 

Hellraiser: 4-Movie Collection (Miramax, Blu-ray)

Mimic 3-Movie Collection (Miramax, Blu-ray)

The Others (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo & DVD)

The Prophecy: The Complete Collection (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo & DVD) 

Scream: 3-Movie Collection (Miramax, Blu/Digital Combo)

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