Daughter of Gotham's Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara moonlights as the caped crime fighter, Batgirl, and Sideshow Collectibles is immortalizing her noble efforts with their Batgirl Premium Format Figure. Armed with a Batarang and a sly smile that suggests taking on bad guys is more a hobby than a chore, the Batgirl statue is now available for fans to add to their Batcaves.


From Sideshow: "I'm strong enough and smart enough for anything you throw at me."

Joining our celebrated DC Comics collection, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present Barbara Gordon as the spirited masked crime-fighter, Batgirl!

Brilliant, courageous, and fueled with the desire to become Gotham's next nighttime vigilante, the tenacious daughter of the city's famous Police Commissioner takes up the mantle of the Bat, rocking her blue-black costume with gilded details. An exceptional combatant and brilliant detective, Babs wields a single Batarang and slyly sizes up her next target, ready to go toe-to-toe with Gotham's most notorious criminals."

"Batgirl Premium Format Figure

by Sideshow Collectibles

  • Rocking her blue-black costume with gilded details
  • Babs wields a single Batarang and slyly sizes up her next target
  • Complete with posable fabric cape
  • The exclusive figure comes with an alternate classic hairstyle

Release Date: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 – 12:30pm PT

URL: http://bit.ly/buybatgirl
(will not be live until 12:30pm Pacific Time on Thursday)

Price: $399.99

Payment Plan for as little as $51.43/month

Edition Size: TBD"

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