For fans of the Predator series, Sideshow Collectibles has been releasing some interesting products. Rather than just focusing on items from the movies, they are also releasing completely original prop replica designs. That is the case with today's Sideshow product reveal, the Ceremonial Predator Mask:

"Sideshow brings you the Predators Collectible line featuring original Predator character designs by Steve Wang, award-winning creature designer and special effects make-up artist.... The Ceremonial mask is worn by the elder Predators during the "rite of passage" ceremony of the young hunters. It is fashioned from the skin and bone of one of the fiercest creatures indigenous to the Predator's home world, the QUATZA-RIJ.

The Ceremonial mask has no laser sight, as it is not a hunting helmet. But it is decorated with three circles on the forehead that represent each of the three hunters. The symbol of unity and teamwork, the Yutja laser sight is modeled after this symbol."

You can pre-order the mask now for $324.99 and it will ship in Q4 2011. For more information, visit Sideshow Collectibles.