Today, Sideshow teased their Freddy Krueger Sixth Scale Figure and Premium Format Figure—two items that are apt to make some collectors lose (or avoid) sleep with anticipation.

Sideshow also unveiled new release details and images of their Freddy Krueger art print. Below, we have information and a look at all three Krueger collectibles.

Other than the art print, which is available to pre-order now and expected to ship out this fall, it's not yet known when the new Nightmare on Elm Street items will be released, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further announcements.

From Sideshow: "1…2…Freddy’s coming for you…

The demon that terrorizes the dreams of many will be returning to bring new nightmares! Sideshow’s Freddy Krueger – Terror of Dreams Premium Format™ Figure is coming soon for Nightmare on Elm Street fans!"

From Sideshow: "Sideshow is adding another horror icon to our Sixth Scale Figure line-up! The Freddy Krueger™ Sixth Scale Figure is coming soon for A Nightmare on Elm Street fans! Plus, remember to order the Jason Voorhees™ Sixth Scale Figure for your slasher shelves!"

From Sideshow: "“Seven, eight, better stay up late...”

Sideshow is proud to present the Freddy Krueger Premium Art Print Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin featuring the legendary movie slasher from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Brandishing his razor-sharp glove and a wicked snarl, this haunting portrait of Freddy will be a dream come true for horror fans.

Print Details:

  • Limited edition of 150
  • Hand-numbered and stamped
  • 18”x24" full bleed screen-print
  • 4-color with metallic silver inks
  • 100# Construction White French Paper
  • Printed by VGKids

Frame Details:

  • Recycled Polystyrene Moulding (Black and silver)
  • Black mat
  • Framing grade acrylic
  • Wire hanger: No additional hardware required

Note: If framed option is chosen, your order will be specially framed for you. Please allow additional time to frame and ship your order.

EXPECTED TO SHIP: Sep 2016 - Oct 2016

$220.00 Framed

$60.00 Unframed"

Source: Sideshow
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