Konami had plenty to show at this year's E3 and new information is still being revealed about Silent: Hill Downpour, The Silent Hill HD Collection, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Here is rundown on what you may have missed:

Silent Hill HD Collection is a PS3 Exclusive?: Say it ain't so... According to Gamespot, The Silent Hill HD Collection is going to be a PS3 exclusive. Available this fall, the HD collection is an HD-remastered version of Silent Hill 2 and 3. [Source: Gamespot]

Silent Hill: Downpour Game Length: How long will it take you to finish Silent Hill: Downpour? 8-10 hours if you only follow the main quests and 15-20 if you take your time and explore. That's a little better than average for a survival horror title. One day, though, we want someone to make a 60 hr horror epic... [Source: Gamespot]

Silent Hill Multiplayer Details: The first Silent Hill multiplayer game will be Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the recently announced Playation Vita portable device. Here is the description from the official press release: "The game will feature an all-new scenario and soundtrack, and links past and present events in the series in one game. Working with a friend, players are left stranded in Silent Hill, where they must work together in order to escape the town and its inhuman denizens."

If you missed out on it, check out our previous Silent Hill E3 coverage to watch the official trailer and a gameplay demo.