"He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice." Usually the former would receive coal and the latter nice presents. But as horror fans know, those who misbehave in 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night and 1980's Christmas Evil can expect a lot worse than a lump of carbonized plant matter in their stockings. Beyond Fest and Death Waltz Records are teaming up for a double feature L.A. screening of the two holiday horror films.

Taking place Friday, December 19th beginning at 7:30pm at The Egyptian Theatre, the double feature, officially billed as "Ho! Ho! HELL!" will include screenings of Silent Night, Deadly Night and Christmas Evil and will feature Q&A's with cast and crew members. For more details, check out the press release and video below:

Press Release - "Beyond Fest and Death Waltz Records presents HO! HO! HELL!


Featuring Cast! Crew! Krampus'! Donuts! Nuns! Snow! And all sorts of other Christmas carnage!

Bring the family and come celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with two of the most infamous shockers ever committed to celluloid.

Enjoying its 30th anniversary, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT returns to the big screen on glorious 35MM courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.

After drawing the ire of parents, critics and its distributor, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT quickly became the stuff of lurid legend as a homicidal Santa stabs, slashes and slaughters his way through Christmas Eve. Virtually every moral taboo is shattered in a wild 85 minutes that brings the warm glow of festive fear to one and all.

Not content with just one sacrilegious screening, we're doubling down with the film John Waters described as "the greatest Christmas movie ever made," CHRISTMAS EVIL.

Molestation and murder are once again high on the holiday wish list as a mentally scarred child grows up to be a homicidal maniac with a penchant for Santa suits. Rarely seen on the big screen, CHRISTMAS EVIL is a wonderfully dark and twistedly funny indictment of the commercialization of Christmas that is more cutting today than it was upon it's release.

Immediately following SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT there will be a Q&A with cast and crew of SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT and CHRISTMAS EVIL director Lewis Jackson, followed by a signing session of both records.

Copies of both SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT and CHRISTMAS EVIL soundtracks will be available to purchase on site."

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