In the aftermath of a devastating civilian death, a sniper and his spotter are stalked by something supernatural in the woods in our exclusive clip from Billy Hanson's new action thriller Bone Cold.

You can check out our exclusive clip below, and keep an eye out for Bone Cold when it comes to Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on June 13th from Well Go USA Entertainment!

An experienced elite sniper attempts a nightmarish escape after a failed mission, tracked by enemy soldiers hellbent on revenge, and hunted by something sinister and monstrous, hungry and determined in the action-thriller BONE COLD, debuting on Digital, Blu-rayand DVD June 13 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The first feature film for writer/director Billy Hanson, BONE COLD stars Jonathan Stoddard (Falling for a Killer), Matt Munroe (Independence Day: Resurgence), Trinity Bliss (Avatar: The Way of Water), Jennifer Khoe (Fear Frequency, Overrun), Shaan Sharma (“The Chosen”), Elise Greene (Torn: A Wicked Trilogy), and newcomer Danielle Poblarp. Bonus content includes a Making-of featurette and blooper reel.

Synopsis: After bad intel from headquarters results in a tragic civilian death, an elite sniper duo attempts to flee the area but can’t seem to shake a mysterious, inhuman creature stalking them from the shadows.

BONE COLD has a runtime of approximately 109 minutes and is not rated.

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