I was just in the middle of writing an editorial about how Prometheus is really still an Alien film, when news comes in from Sky Movies that the space jockey is in Prometheus and that HR Giger is overseeing its design:

"The mysterious 'space jockey' skeleton that appeared in the opening scenes of Alien is being designed as an eight-foot animatronic for the sci-fi thriller Prometheus.

An insider revealed to Sky Movies that the character is being designed under the guidance of original Alien designer HR Giger.

But while Scott and Lindelof attempt to distance their project from the Alien franchise, it seems the 'Space Jockey' will appear, alive and kicking, in the movie."

Between this, comments from Ridley Scott himself, and a recent interview with Michael Fassbender, it is pretty safe to say that this movie will take place in the Alien universe and feature the space jockey race, even if it doesn't focus on the xenomorphs we all know and love. Prometheus stars Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Noomi Rapace, and will hit theaters on June 8th, 2012.

Source: Sky Movies