Scream Factory recently announced a Blu-ray release of the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring Virus, and they've now revealed an abundance of bonus features for fans of the thriller to look forward to when the Blu-ray is released on May 2nd.

From Scream Factory: "If you're a fan of this 1999 sci-fi shocker (starring Jamie Lee Curtis) then you're in a lot of luck as an impressive amount of extras ended up coming in on our release.

- NEW Eye Of The Storm – An Interview With Director John Bruno
- NEW Science & Fiction – An Interview With Writer Dennis Feldman
- NEW Into The Woods – An Interview With Actor Marshall Bell
- NEW Men, Monsters And Machines: The Special Effects Of VIRUS Featuring Interviews With Robotics Effects Designers Steve Johnson And Eric Allard, Special Makeup Effects Artist Joel Harlow And Special Makeup Effects Supervisor: Second Unit Vincent J. Guastini
- NEW Audio Commentary With Director John Bruno And Writer Dennis Feldman
- Audio Commentary With Director John Bruno And Actor Marshall Bell
- Vintage featurette – Virus: Ghost In The Machine
- Vintage Featurette – Interviews With Cast And Crew
- Deleted Scenes
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Still Gallery

Official release date is May 2nd but if you pre-order through us directly you'll get it two weeks earlier!"

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