Following its financially successful theatrical run in 2013, the supernatural horror film Mama could get a sequel in the near future from the directors of 2014's well-received Starry Eyes.

News of the Mama sequel comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which reveals that Starry Eyes writers/directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch are in "final negotiations to rewrite and direct" the follow-up for Universal.

It's no surprise that Universal wants to move forward with a sequel, as the original film (directed by Andrés Muschietti and executive produced by Guillermo del Toro) was made for $15 million and ended up grossing $71 million domestically.

Mama centered on two sisters haunted by an eerie presence following their rescue from a five-year stay in the woods. The film starred Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, and Isabelle Nélisse. It's not officially known if the original cast will reprise their roles for the sequel, but TheWrap reports that Chastain is "not expected to return."

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates. For those unfamiliar with Mama, we have the film's synopsis and trailer:

“Guillermo del Toro presents Mama, a supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When they are rescued years later and begin a new life, they find that someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night.

Five years ago, sisters Victoria and Lilly vanished from their suburban neighborhood without a trace. Since then, their Uncle Lucas (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend, Annabel (Jessica Chastain), have been madly searching for them. But when, incredibly, the kids are found alive in a decrepit cabin, the couple wonders if the girls are the only guests they have welcomed into their home.

As Annabel tries to introduce the children to a normal life, she grows convinced of an evil presence in their house. Are the sisters experiencing traumatic stress, or is a ghost coming to visit them? How did the broken girls survive those years all alone? As she answers these disturbing questions, the new mother will find that the whispers she hears at bedtime are coming from the lips of a deadly presence.”

Source: THR
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