Last month, it was revealed that Stephen King had a different ending in mind for 11/22/63 and made changes after talking with his son, Joe Hill. The alternate ending has now been released. To give you a little back story, here is what was previously posted by the moderator of the official Stephen King website’s message boards:

**Spoiler Warning** “I’ve read both of them and have been meaning to ask him if he would consider putting the first version on the site so people could compare. He told me he’d changed it because Joe had seen some problems with the way the first one was written but I don’t know with 100% certainty whether Joe gave him specific ideas for the rewrite…

…I was able to ask Steve about this, so here’s his answer. Joe only told him that Jake had to meet Sadie again when she was an old lady but how that happened was completely Steve’s idea so what we’ve read in the book was all Steve’s writing based on Joe’s suggestion to have Jake see Sadie one more time . He also told me it would be okay to put up the original version of the ending but I need to wait at least a month before doing so to give more people the chance to read it as published.”

To read the alternate ending for yourself, visit:


In other 11/22/63 news, MTV News recently caught up with director Jonathan Demme who provided a status update on his adaption of Stephen King's novel:

"I'm adapting Stephen King's book... I'm on the screenplay for it right now."

"It's a time travel story...Somebody from the 20th century gets a window back to the past and they go back with the goal of trying to prevent the assassination of JFK. It's an extraordinary thriller. It's a great love story, also. It's a fabulous book."

"First I have to get the script finished... and it's going really well"

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15 responses to “Stephen King’s 11/22/63: Alternate Ending and Movie Talk”

  1. Saul Wisnia says:

    I loved this book but like many people was a bit disappointed by the ending. I wanted Jake and Sadie to wind up together (for more than one dance). This alternative ending is intriguing; if I understand it correctly, Jake DOES go back and wind up with Sadie in one possible life, and that the Jake in another life (the one he lives as the narrator) reads about it. Very cool, and in my opinion much better. Of course the dance scene that ends the published version would still work with this as a coda, and I hope both are in the film. Great site, by the way.

  2. I loved the book also but didn’t like his view of the world if Kennedy would’ve lived, especially America electing the bigoted George Wallace. I know it’s fiction but this didn’t seem very plausible to me

  3. Alan Nelson says:

    What is the point of having access to a temporal wormhole and not using it? I don’t agree with the butterfly effect in that as you alter the past, even big moments like assassinations, in the rather infinite stream of time it’s just a dead butterfly. Time simply moves on after each hiccup. So yes I disagree that with the “Kennedy save” Wallace is elected and the world earthquakes out of existence. Much too extreme aftershock.

  4. The alternate ending is just as bad as the one in the book. At first I thought millionaire Trevor Anderson was really George Amberson (Jake Epping) who changed his name for whatever reason.
    But who is the man at the end doing internet searches on Sadie?

    Great book. Great writing. Lame ending.
    Jake should have stuck to his plan of just meeting Sadie and marrying her….. whether staying in the past or coming back to 2011.

  5. How can there be two Jakes? Either he went back again and married Sadie as millionaire Trevor Anderson, or he went back to 2011 without her. He couldn’t do both. Ugh! Time travel paradoxes kill me!

  6. Joe Bielski says:

    LOL, I thought the original ending was very good. It’s a heart breaking story, but it makes for an excellent story. Sometimes you just don’t get the girl. It’s a matter of fact in real life, so why not in fiction. Sure I was rooting for them to meet up and get married, but like King wrote, Jake would be ehat, 45 by the time he did it again?

    As far as the alternate ending, I don’t like it as much as the published one. And it’s quite clear that Sadie married some millionare named Anderson. Very similar to Amberson but time likes to harmonize. Jake is back to being Jake Epping and he’s doing his internet search on Sadie and narrating the end of the story.

  7. Joe Bielski says:

    And I think as far as time travel goes, I like the way King looks at it. Various streams are created when you go back in time. Say I went back in time and killed my father. I’d still be alive because I was born in my own time stream or time and already exist. Now I just created a new time stream where my future self won’t exist because my father died before he could boink my mom.

    Make sense?

  8. Dave Helman says:

    First of all Loved the book!! The only part I didn’t care for was all of the natural disasters after Kennedy was saved. I figured it would be more chaos from political upheaval I really liked how he went back to visit Sadie as an older woman. but had hoped they could have grown old together.

  9. Shovis says:

    The man at the end doing the internet searches is Jake. It’s meant to be a sad ending, where Jake doesn’t meet Sadie because she’s happily married with children and granchildren.

  10. Shovis says:

    It’s meant to be a harmony, where sadie ended up with someone like Jake would have been (younger and rich due to his betting).

  11. Zeeshan Merchant says:

    The point King was making is that the past harmonizes itself. She just met another Anderson who was here hero,

    Throughout the novel we get descriptions of how certain people are the same, or look the same, and how the past was replacing people as necessary.

    Its sad i know, but i think its better then the original. Its the one i had figured in my mind, as i got closer to the end. King is so brlliant

  12. Diane Buzek says:

    I was very happy with this book – time travel, a love story, and not too
    much politics that it made me bored and lost. I like the published way
    the book ended, not the original idea that he had. Still sad, but this
    way, she never found her soulmate because her soulmate was/is Jake. I
    do have a question, though… after Jake went back the second time and
    saved Harry’s family and the little girl from being paralyzed, there was the picture of Al and the Senator (I think?)
    where the picture of Al and Harry used to be… Jake was confused, Al
    didn’t remember ever meeting him. What was the answer to that?

  13. Diane Buzek says:

    But it ended with them dancing… you can make up any thing else that would happen! I say they spent the rest of her life together, and he told her everything about “her past life.” That’s the romantic in me ;)

  14. Ian Welfley says:

    I don’t know why people ignore the fact that Jake didn’t save Harry’s family. This really depressed me and kept me from liking the ending. The dance with Sadie at the end was wonderful, but the fact that Harry had to live the rest of his life as a poor lonely old man depressed me. It should have ended with Jake putting in an anonymous call to the police after going back through the rabbit hole one last time. While debating whether to stay to save Sadie or not from Clayton, he should have taken the risk of altering the past even more because of his large conscious. He puts in an anonymous call to the police of Frank’s murder of Bill Turcotte’s sister, and when he goes back, he learns Harry is still alive because Tugga happened to be a Vietnam protester and convinced Harry not to go. Since Tugga was killed the first time Jake tried to save the Dunning family, he wasn’t alive to stop Harry. The second time, Tugga was still alive but Jake stopped the assassination of Kennedy. Now, at the end of my alternate ending, Jake goes to visit Harry, a successful family man running for mayor in Derry and he promises to clean up pollution caused by the industries. Jake finds out while visiting him that Tugga convinced him not to go to war and while thinking about it, he thought about Kennedy’s death, which was the first death he’s ever seen. The image of his death scared him into not going. Harry then married and had kids, staying in Derry living a happy life. After learning this, Jake visits an old Sadie and dances with her like in the original ending. That would’ve been a good ending in my opinion.

  15. Mell says:

    but, both times Jake did save Harry’s family, Harry’s life ended up worse than before. The past is obdurate (couldn’t resist)

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