Elaborately decorated cakes at wedding and birthday parties garner admiring looks from attendees before the cake cutter grabs the butcher knife and starts slicing and dicing. Some of these onlookers might ponder what lies beneath the frosting of these cakes, whether it's marble or chocolate, or perhaps something all too human... To address the more morbid guesses of these onlookers, Conjurer's Kitchen has crafted a dissected cake that gets right to the heart of the matter.

Created by Annabel de Vetten, this kitchen-created art would be right at home in a biology lab led by Dr. Frankenstein. Sliced down the middle with the frosting skin held back at the edges with pins, this dissected cake embodies one of humans' favorite desserts with an all-too-human twist: the innards of a person. Featuring a brain at the cake's top, a heart and ribcage in the middle and lower intestines down below, this cake could really liven up the room at a zombie bash or Halloween party.

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