The story of eight-year-old killer Rhoda has chilled audiences for decades on the printed page, the stage, and both the small and big screens. Now Lifetime's looking to reintroduce Rhoda's wrath to modern audiences with a remake of The Bad Seed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime's The Bad Seed TV film remake is being written by Barbara Marshall (Exorcism Diaries). Mark Wolper (Bates Motel, 2004's Salem's Lot TV movie remake) is set to produce the project, which comes from Warner Horizon Television.

Lifetime's remake "centers on Kate, described as the perfect modern woman — a successful working wife and mother, always seeking to give the best life to her daughter. She is confronted with one problem she can’t overcome: her daughter is a relentless, murdering sociopath whose viciousness is matched only by her brilliance. Will Kate be able to learn the truth before it’s too late?"

Originating from the mind of William March in his 1954 novel, The Bad Seed came to life on the Broadway stage in 1955 before receiving two movie adaptations (a theatrical film in 1956 and a made-for-TV movie in 1985). Stay tuned to Daily Dead for further updates on Lifetime's The Bad Seed. Below is the trailer for the 1956 film.

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