Over at Strange Kids Club, they launched the first in a series of "what if?" sequel posters with The Burning 2. We have a preview of the poster for you to check out and I also got some more information from Strange Kids Club's Rondal Scott III on why they decided on this series and what other posters we can look forward to:

"When contemplating our first ever series of art prints, Strange Kids Club decided that rather than cover any of the mainstream films that pass as horror these days we would instead delve deeper into movies that were a bit more deserving of recognition.

Having settled on a final list of our favorite horror flicks (including The Burning, Cujo and The Abominable Dr. Phibes) we then set out to create the sequels that could, and arguably SHOULD, have followed. This series is total fan service to the cinephiles who have always wanted to see more, but never had the chance.

Selecting Nathan Thomas Milliner for THE BURNING 2 was a natural fit considering his distinct style for slasher icons for Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Nathan brings an insane amount of realism to his art that was perfect for resurrecting the scarred monster known as Cropsey (aka Cropsy).

Coming up in November we’ve got a CUJO 2 print by OliverBarrett!"

The poster is being sold as a limited edition 18x24 print and you can pick one up for yourself or learn more at: