As evidenced by Heather Wixson's article on the anticipated genre films announced thus far for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, Daily Dead is thrilled to once again cover the annual celluloid celebration in Park City, and ahead of its world premiere at Sundance in January, The Hole in the Ground has already secured distribution.

Variety reports that A24 and DirecTV have acquired North American distribution rights to The Hole in the Ground, with the latter expected to give the film a limited VOD release ahead of its theatrical release from the former.

The feature-length directorial debut of Lee Cronin (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Stephen Shields), The Hole in the Ground stars
Seána Kerslake, James Cosmo, Kati Outinen, Simone Kirby, Steve Wall, and James Quinn Markey.

According to Variety, "leadership at A24" is enthusiastic about the movie, describing it as "a remarkable debut film, weaving suspense, terror, and supernatural folklore into a richly evocative story about the primal fears of motherhood."

A horror thriller with a familial focus, The Hole in the Ground has the following synopsis (via Sundance):

"One night, Sarah's young son disappears into the woods behind their rural home. When he returns, he looks the same, but his behavior grows increasingly disturbing. Soon, Sarah realizes that the boy who returned may not be her son at all..."

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for future announcements regarding The Hole in the Ground.

Source: Variety
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