The ruthless backwoods cannibals return to take a bite out of a second helping of unsuspecting humans in our exclusive trailer premiere for Adrian Langley's Butchers Book Two: Raghorn, the sequel to Butchers.

Written and directed by Adrian Langley, and produced by Adrian Langley, Doug Phillips, and James Huntsman, Butchers Book Two: Raghorn stars Nick Biskupek, Sam Huntsman, Hollie Kennedy, Mark Templin, Miguel Cortez, and Michael Swatton.

Butchers Book Two: Raghorn will slice into select theaters on February 23rd before heading to VOD on February 29th via Red Hound Entertainment.

Synopsis: "Butchers: Book One" introduced a family of sadistic butchers, living in the backcountry, who see anyone that crosses their path as dead meat. In “Butchers Book Two: Raghorn,” the story continues when a car accident leaves the captors in the hands of brutal cannibals who plan to hack them up for meat."

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