Beginning Friday the 13th, gamers can follow Sebastian Castellanos to the (quite literally) hellish small town of Union, where monsters and madmen have taken up residence in The Evil Within 2. To give you an idea of what to expect, we've been provided with an image gallery from Bethesda Softworks' anticipated video game sequel that features some of the frightening forces that go bump in the night...

You can view the full image gallery (including haunting GIF images and screenshots) below, and we've also been provided with in-depth character details to share with Daily Dead readers. Read on for more information, and keep an eye out (but hopefully not gouged out) for The Evil Within 2 when it's released this Friday the 13th.

From The Evil Within 2: "The path to redemption leads Sebastian Castellanos once more down the road to hell. To save his daughter, he must plunge deeper than ever into the darkness of the human mind and take on the monsters waiting for him in STEM. This is how he finds himself in Union, a previously idyllic town that has rapidly descended into bedlam, becoming crumbling city inhabited by twisted creatures. Sebastian will have to use his wits and every tool at his disposal in order to survive in the face of this nightmare.

The Evil Within 2 offers a unique ambiance and unrivalled mastery of the survival horror genre. And this psychological thriller takes players on a journey into the depths of fear.

Horror assumes many forms in The Evil Within 2. Over the course of his journey through the streets of Union, Sebastian is confronted by a range of formidable enemies, each presenting a different kind of threat. Sometimes you may be able to stand your ground and fight back, and sometimes all you can do is run…

Along with the creepy crawlies roaming the streets of Union, you’ll have to contend with the (perhaps more disturbing) human elements. To most, Union is a nightmare world, but to some, it’s a playground. Stefano and Theodore, the killers who have carved out their own little slice of STEM, both have their own creatures to help carry out their will in Union.

Former war photographer, Stefano Valentini lost his eye, but gained new value as an artist after witnessing the gruesome beauty of death. His newfound vision drove him to become fascinated by the precise instant when death takes a person – that split second in time when people are, in his opinion, at their most open and most beautiful. Stefano returned home from the war with a newfound purpose. But he wouldn’t wait for these perfect moments to arise on their own. Why should he, when he could orchestrate those final breaths?

An artist with dark proclivities and unbounded imagination. You’ll see examples of Stefano’s work scattered throughout Union – from grisly photographs of his victims, to the “moment of death” tableaus he creates, capturing the last seconds of a person’s life in a tangible, looping scene. Within the unstable world of STEM he is able to manipulate the world to create even more horrifying art.

And he’s not alone in his endeavors. Born from Stefano’s untethered and immoral mind and sculpted from blood and bone and flesh, Obscura is one of the artist’s greatest masterpieces. A monstrous chimera somewhere between a three-legged ballerina and an old camera model, Obscura was created from Stefano’s twisted obsession with the artistry of death.

Father Theodore Wallace is a spiritual visionary, guiding his flock down a path of righteousness, seeking a new, better world.

Like Stefano, Theodore isn’t alone in STEM, although unlike Stefano, Theodore’s main helpers aren’t creatures he created. Referred to as Harbingers, they are normal people whose minds Theodore has bent to his will. These Harbingers wield flamethrowers and seem to exist solely to carry out Theodore’s fiery will, burning any who would stand in the way of his pursuits.

The fires of redemption burn bright. The Harbingers serve Theodore on his crusade to purge the world of sin.

Dive into hell once more in the sequel to the hit 2014 survival horror game from the mind of Shinji Mikami. Take on twisted creatures in horrifying domains and face off against your own worst nightmares as you race to save your daughter. The Evil Within 2 will launch worldwide Friday the 13th, October 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Evil Within 2 has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB. For more information about the game, visit"

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