This weekend, filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch will stay up 48 hours straight for a live marathon of their popular podcast, The Movie Crypt. Usually such an endeavor would only be attempted by unfortunate teenagers tormented by Freddy Krueger, but Green and Lynch are looking to keep their eyelids open for a good cause: to help raise money for Save a Yorkie Resuce, Inc, a charity that offers much-needed care for Yorkshire terriers still looking for a happy home.

Beginning at 7:00pm PT tonight and ending at 7:00pm PT on Sunday night, the 48-hour podcast marathon will feature non-stop exclusives that will delight listeners into the wee hours of the night, beyond the mists of early morning, through the sun-soaked hours of midday, and all evening long. The Movie Crypt marathon will broadcast live on's homepage.

In addition to their always intriguing insights on filmmaking, the horror genre, and other must-listen subjects, Green and Lynch will be joined on the air by a jaw-dropping list of special guests for all manner of entertainment, including appearances by Seth Green, Derek Mears, and many more.

Special film commentaries for Fright Night (1985), Candyman, The Devil's Rejects, and The Thing (1982) will be unleashed on your earbuds, and exclusive stories by Clive Barker and Joe Hill will be told. A live script reading of Adam Green's never-before-revealed Cabin Fever 2 and the first episode of Holliston Season 3 will also be featured, as well as a star-studded live reading of an early, official draft of The Goonies screenplay by Chris Columbus. Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, Joel David Moore, Michael Gladis, Deon Richmond, Felissa Rose, Parry Shen, and more will lend their voices to this quite different take on the story about the kids of Goon Docks.

Those are just a few of the highlights fans have to look forward to during what's sure to be an epic on-air adventure. For more information on The Movie Crypt marathon, visit their website, and to donate to Save a Yorkie Rescue, visit:

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