Daily Dead was proud to sponsor and attend the first-ever Overlook Film Festival earlier this year at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, and for the festival's second year, they're heading out of the snow and into the sunshine at the haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans.

The second annual Overlook Film Festival will take place at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the festive French Quarter of The Big Easy. The festival will run from April 19th–22nd, with screenings being held at Regal Cinemas Cinebarre Canal Place 9 Movie Theater.

We'll keep you updated on the screenings and immersive experiences that take place at the highly anticipated horror-themed festival as more details are revealed, and in the meantime, you can learn more by reading the official info below and by visiting The Overlook Film Festival's official website.

From The Overlook Film Festival: "For our second year, we're traveling to one of America's most haunted locations- New Orleans. Screenings will take place at Regal Cinemas Cinebarre Canal Place 9 Movie Theater.

Our festival headquarters for 2018 is the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. The 200-year-old hotel is a historic location famed for its haunted history and strange happenings. Rumor has it, the hotel’s 4th floor child ghost was the inspiration for THE SHINING’s Grady Twins. Come play with us in the French Quarter at the immersive, cinephile experience you’ve come to know and love, while revisiting the very roots of American horror.

Immersive Events
Our live events range from family friendly to fully interactive. You never quite know what to expect next, but we'll always have something for fans of every stripe.

Submissions now Open!
We’re taking features and shorts with a discounted category for Louisiana shorts, all until Feb. 5th, 2018. Early Bird deadline is December 8th. Visit our website for more info.

Haunted History
The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter is rife with haunted history. From America’s Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau to the vampire smuggling Casket Girls, the French Quarter’s creepy and curious Southern Gothic roots are intrinsically part of its fiber.

Check out more about this year and what's to come via Indiewire."

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