With The Vincent Price Collection I and II, Scream Factory paid tribute to the man whose name is synonymous with the horror genre. Next year, their celebration of Price and his eclectic work continues. Initially announced last month, The Vincent Price Collection III now has an official 2016 release date and is teased in elegant new cover art:

From Scream Factory: "Check out the artwork for the upcoming blu-ray set of THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION III which is scheduled to drop on Feb 16th! (Illustrator Joel Robinson once again did a great job as he did the previous two volumes .)

As announced earlier, titles in this collection include Master of the World (1961), Tower of London (1962), Diary of a Madman (1963), Cry of the Banshee (1970) and An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe (1970).

More detailed specs and extras will be announced sometime before the beginning of next year. Pre-order now @…/the-vincent-price-collection… and receive a limited 18” x 24” poster of the artwork you see pictured here."


Source: Facebook
Derek Anderson
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