We knew The Walking Dead #100 would be a huge seller, but it is likely to be the best selling comic book release of the year when it comes out this July. Pre-orders of The Walking Dead #100 have passed over 300,000 copies, according to Bleeding Cool. Obviously, this doesn't even factor pre-orders happening over the next few weeks and sales after the comic is released.

To help put this into perspective, The Walking Dead #98 sold nearly 50,000 issues during its first week and the top spots are usually held by Marvel and DC issues that sell between 100,000 - 150,000 copies.

With The Walking Dead TV series being one of the most watched cable show of all time, sales of the individual comic book issues have been steadily increasing. The current story arc "Something to Fear" is said to lead up to an unforgettable and brutal 100th issue, and we'll be able to check it for ourselves when it is released on July 11th. There will also be a huge presence for The Walking Dead at the San Diego Comic-Con this year and we're curious to see how that will help boost the final numbers.

The Walking Dead #100 will be released with multiple covers, featuring artwork from Charlie Adlard, Marc Silvestri, Frank Quitely, Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Bryan Hitch and Ryan Ottley. Take a look at the issue synopsis and variant covers below:

“This extra-sized chapter contains one of the darkest moments in Rick Grimes’ life, and one of the most violent and brutal things to happen within the pages of this series. 100 issues later, this series remains just as relentless as the debut issue. Do not miss the monumental 100th issue of THE WALKING DEAD!”

**Spoiler Warning: Todd McFarlane's cover and Charlie Adlard's wrap-around cover contain spoilers for those that have not read the first 50 issues of the comic book series.

Cover a: Charlie Adlard

Cover b: Marc Silvestri

Cover c: Frank Quitely

Cover d: Todd McFarlane

Cover e: Sean Phillips

Cover f: Bryan Hitch

Cover g: Ryan Ottley

Cover h: Charlie Adlard

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