At the beginning of February, AMC released Dead Reckoning, an interactive comic book-style adventure game that serves as a prologue to The Walking Dead TV series. It was previously only available on the AMC website, but today, it was released for Android devices:

"Looking for a cool app for your Android tablet? The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning adventure game has just been made available as a FREE Android App and is a featured game of the week on's Appstore for Android. Download the app now, then protect and serve as officer Shane Walsh in's interactive prologue to The Walking Dead TV series."

Game Synopsis: “When Rick wakes from a coma, he finds his wife Lori and his partner Shane gone and the police station abandoned. (Sure, former deputy Leon Bassett is still around but he’s a walker.) Where are Shane and Lori? How did Leon end up like that? In 2011, you experienced a teaser of’s interactive prologue to The Walking Dead. Now, get some real answers via the complete adventure game, The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning. Finally, a chance to take on the role Shane Walsh as you discover… Who’s a threat? Who’s worth saving? Who must be sacrificed for the greater good?”

To play the game online, visit:

To download the game for free for your Android device, visit:

Source: AMC