Transferred from the walker-ridden wild to the surreal suburban normalcy of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a clean-shaven Rick Grimes and his eclectic family are slowly getting reacquainted with civilization, enjoying luxuries like indoor plumbing but also finding the sheer shock of their new digs overwhelming at times. Their roles in Deanna's walled-in community are explored further in "Forget", next week's installment of AMC's The Walking Dead, and we have photos and a preview video from the upcoming episode, the latter offering a little insight into Alexandria citizen Olivia.

"Episode 5.13: Forget - "As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy."

Directed by David Boyd, "Forget" airs next Sunday, March 8th, at 9:00pm EST on AMC.

Photos courtesy of Gene Page / AMC via SpoilerTV

Source: Gene Page / AMC via SpoilerTV
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