The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara took to Twitter last night for a Q&A. He answered nearly 100 questions and we compiled a list of answers we thought readers would find of interest. We also have some new Season 3 information from a recent interview he took part in. 

Spoiler Warning: Once again, you probably don't want to read this if you haven't seen the season 2 finale. If you don't want to know anything about season 3, you'll probably want to skip this as well.

If you missed out on our recent coverage, we also had a chance to take part in a conference call with Glen Mazzara and learned more about the upcoming season. To read that article, visit:

Was the prison shot at the end of the finale CGI or real?

CGI prison... We are building a prison.

So what was it about David Morrissey that sold you on him as the governor?

David really nailed it. You'll see. We could not be more excited.

Is the zombie epidemic happening only in Atlanta or is the whole world infected?

The whole world has gone to shit.

Has season 3 already started filming?

S3 starts shooting in May.

Given his killing of Shane & his "Ricktatorship" meltdown at the end of 2x13 will we get a more ruthless Rick in season 3?

Yes & that's good if he's to take on the Governor.

Will we see more flashbacks in Season 3? Daryl/Merle's for example?

I really don't like flashbacks. Why does everyone ask for them?

Are the Governor and Michonne the only new characters in Season 3?

No, we have many new characters in S3.

Why didn't the men at the bar didnt turn into zombies?

Rick shot those guys in the head.

Are we going to be expecting any visitors in the prison besides walkers!?

It looks like a big prison.

How many seasons do you plan to run?

I would love to get to 100 episodes. That's 7 seasons.

How long into the Apocalypse are we in at the end of the season 2? Less than a yr?

We are only about 4 months into the apocalypse at the end of S2.

Any chance we hear from Morgan or Duane next season?

We haven't decided when Morgan & Duane will be back. But we do miss them.

Explain the helicopter.

The helicopter was the same one Rick saw. That herd took weeks to get to the farm

Explaining of the lone walker in the filed:

The lone walker in the field did mean that now walkers are everywhere
The lone walker in the field also means that Shane is symbolically lost in a valley of death.
Walker in afield. Dale was killed in a field. So was Shane. Nowhere is safe.

Will the helicopter tie into The Governor/Woodbury?

That helicopter will appear again in S3.


To read additional answers from Glen Mazzara recent Q&A session, visit his Twitter account at:


We also have a few interesting items from a post-finale conference call Glen Mazzara took part in, courtesy of The Daily Blam:

"During a recent round table interview, Glen Mazzara mentioned that the aforementioned Prison arc will last all of the third season until the end of season four."

Those who had complaints about Michonne not fitting into the real world should be happy to hear this:

"As for new characters, he went on to confirm the sword-wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira) will have a vital role and said that, although her surprise entrance in season two was very "theatrical", he does want to ground that character and make her real and gritty."

Mazzara also confirmed 3 items we've covered in the past:

1. Michael Rooker will return for season 3.

2. Greg Nicotero is directing a new webisode series. The new information is that it starts shooting next month.

3. Stephen King will not be writing an episode of the series. This is due to Frank Darabont's departure.